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About I9 Hubs

Built to Ride

Industry Nine hubs are machined, anodized and assembled entirely in their Asheville, NC manufacturing facility. You can fully service the hubs with standard bearing tools, no proprietary tools required.

NOBL Industry Nine Hubs Hydra


With 690 points of engagement, increased durability and bearing life, decreased rolling resistance and weight, the Hydra is I9’s premium hub. The Hydra features a 115 tooth drive-ring and a six phase engagement system, that achieves 2nd, 3rd and 4th pawl contact to distribute the load. Learn more about the Hydra by visiting our blog.

I9 Torch

The Torch’s three-pawl dual-phase system features a 60 tooth drive ring. With low rolling resistance and little sound, the Torch is a great hub for your dropbar bike.

Industry Nine Torch Hub
Industry Nine Hubs 1/1


The 1/1 offers 90 points of engagement through its 45 tooth dual phased drive mechanism. Their simple design offers the durable performance expected of Industry Nine hubs at a low price. The 1/1 only comes in black.

I9 1/1

Custom Colors: NO

  • Engagement: 8/10
  • Durability: 7/10
  • Weight: 8/10

I9 Hydra

Custom Colors: Yes – Black, Silver, Turquoise, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, Mango, Lime, Green, Gold, Blue

  • Engagement: 9/10
  • Durability: 9/10
  • Weight: 8/10

Musical Hubs

Even though they look the same, the different systems of the Hydra and Torch do make different sounds. Haven’t heard enough? You can also listen to the 1/1 in its overview video.

Grease or Oil Your Industry Nine Hubs

Grease Vs Oil

Dumonde produces a line of resilient and effective oils and greases, as a result, Industry Nine suggests Dumonde as a lubricant for their hubs. The Hydra hub has the option of using either Dumonde’s thicker grease or their lower viscosity oil.  Each one affects how the hub behaves and the level of maintenance required.​ Check out our blog post to learn more.

Servicing Your I9 Hub

We suggest bringing your wheels to a bike shop or sending them to us for maintenance, but if you like to do things yourself you’ll want to watch this freehub servicing video.

Industry Nine Hub Colors

Industry Nine Wheelset Configurations

Weights based on XD 6-Bolt, boost hubs with Sapim D-Lights.

Cross Country Trail Carbon Rim NOBL TR37

TR32 + Industry Nine

Cross Country/Trail

Aimed at XC racers and marathon riders looking for a versatile “BC rated” wheelset.


28h, 29″ only, Internal Width (front 27mm) (rear 26mm), Depth 20.5mm

29″ Wheelset Weight

I9 Hydra: 1507g
I9 1/1: 1511g

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NOBL All Mountain Enduro TR37

TR37 + Industry Nine


Made for today’s modern mid-long travel trail bikes, the TR37 is right at home on an enduro course or a backcountry epic.


32h, 29″ or 27.5″, Internal Width (front 31mm) (rear 30mm), Depth 20.5mm

Wheelset Weight

I9 Hydra: 29″ 1765g / 27.5″ 1715g
I9 1/1: 29″ 1769g / 27.5″ 1719g

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NOBL Plus Enduro Ebike Rim TR41

TR41 + Industry Nine

E-Bike Specific

The TR41 is designed to handle the extra weight and torque of e-bikes, or as a burly enduro bike option.


32h, 29″ or 27.5″, Internal Width (front 35mm) (rear 34mm), Depth 25mm

Wheelset Weight

I9 Hydra: 29″ 1840g / 27.5″ 1790g
I9 1/1: 29″ 1844g / 27.5″ 1794g

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NOBL TR41 with Industry Nine Hubs
 NOBL TR37 with Industry Nine Hubs
Silver NOBL TR37 with I9 Hubs
Gold NOBL TR37 with I9 Hubs
Creative Industry Nine Hub NOBL Build
NOBL  Industry Nine Hubs