OneUp Components hubs

Designed in the Sea-t0-Sky

The new OneUp Components’ hubs set a new benchmark for lightweight, durable hubs at an affordable price. Designed and tested in the Sea-to-Sky to serve riders who are out on the trails in the harshest of conditions, OneUp hubs have a simple design that’s built to last and perform, with straightforward serviceability.


Hub shells are machined from 7075 aluminum, which finely balances strength and weight. A complete set of hubs weighs in at just 362g: 142g for the front and 220g for the rear.

OneUp Mountain Rear
XD 6-Bolt Boost = 219g

OneUp Mountain Front
6-Bolt Boost = 142g

OneUp Mountain Rear
HG 6-Bolt Boost = 228g

OneUp Mountain Rear
MS 6-Bolt Boost = 220g


 True to their colour-matching ethos, OneUp offers these hubs in seven great anodized colours:

Black, Grey, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple and Green

On The Inside


 OneUp prioritized a robust engagement platform and bearing quality. 44t ratchets balance reliability and performance, with 8.2 degrees of engagement.


 For bearings, they feature Enduro ABEC 5 cartridge bearings exclusively, in universal sizes, so that replacements are easy to source and install. 

Freehubs and Hub Shell Specs

To further streamline compatibility and maintenance, OneUp hubs have tool-free, interchangeable freehubs that are available for sale individually. Hub bodies are J-bend and 6-bolt only, offered in both 28h and 32h in boost spacing.

Torque Caps

Following their ethos of straight forward serviceability, OneUp includes plastic torque caps with every front hub. These can be installed tool free in a matter of seconds for those running a RockShox fork. If you’re not, you can happily add them to your “I’ll need this one day” bin.

Shop OneUp Components

OneUp hubs are built by riders, who design only products they choose for their own bikes. These straightforward, no-nonsense, and pocket-friendly hubs are bound to be a favourite, and we’re thrilled to have them as a hub option for custom NOBL wheelsets.