Become a NOBL Ambassador

We’re always looking for passionate people to represent our brand and products. That being said, we get countless applications on a daily basis. In order to streamline how these applications are sorted, we’ve broken our ambassador program into three levels so that you have an idea what our expectations are for each level of support. We have a high preference for applications from those who have an existing relationship with NOBL and are familiar with the brand. Applicants must meet the requirements of the level they are applying for to be considered.

Level 1

You’re stoked about NOBL and are looking for some extra help to support your race and riding efforts. You’re professional and feel you can represent NOBL in a way that contributes to our brand image. You’ve dabbled in content creation and feel you have something to offer in exchange for some sweet discounted hoops.  You’re active in your community either as a trail builder, ride leader or coach. We typically start most ambassadors at this level for their first year. In this time we evaluate the relationship and will reconsider their level placing for future years.

Trail builder/Coach/Elite Athlete

Social media reach 1k or greater

Active in local cycling community in a leadership role.

Provide 1 page summary as to why you are a great fit for the NOBL brand.

Typical Compensation:  15% off complete wheelsets, 20% off rims.  Swag.

Level 2

You’re an accomplished Athlete and/or Content Creator. You have a strong social media reach and are an influencer in your local community.  You can regularly produce high quality content that showcases the NOBL brand. You are professional, experienced and can confidently represent the NOBL brand in a method that generates interest and brand recognition.

Elite Athlete/ Trail builder/ Content Creator

Social media reach 5k followers or greater

Proven track record of producing quality content

Able to provide examples of content creation


Provide 1 page summary of why you are a great fit for the NOBL brand.

Typical Compensation: Product support or heavily discounted product.

Level 3

You are a rockstar athlete and/or content creator. Your social media reach and/or riding ability is well known globally.  You are professional, experienced and have a history with previous sponsors who can vouch for you.  You understand the sponsor – rider relationship and  you’re confident in your ability to generate exposure for the NOBL brand through referral links, product showcasing and word of mouth, and you have the data to prove it.

World Cup Level Athlete and OR full time content creator

Social media reach 25k followers or greater

Experienced Video/Photo Content creator

Able to provide examples of high quality content creation with performance metrics.


Provide presentation document describing why you’re a great fit for the NOBL brand

Typical Compensation: Product support + potential financial support for endeavors.

Got what it takes?

Please fill out the form below with any supporting links and documentation.  All applications will be reviewed, and if the requirements are met we will contact you! Thanks for applying!

Ambassador Application