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What We Ride – Ryan’s Yeti SB140 Bike Check

What We Ride – Ryan’s Yeti SB140 Bike Check

After spending two seasons on an SB130, Ryan loved its stability, liveliness, and weight. He wanted to keep those attributes for his next whip, but in a burlier package for longer days in the saddle spent on rowdier terrain.

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Chris’s Specialized Levo is ready for long days out trail building. Wheels: TR36 *We suggest TR38 or TR41 & Onyx Classic hubs for e-bikes. Bike Check

Aaron’s short travel, modern geometry Transition Smuggler offers next level descending skills. Wheels: TR33 Bike Check

Bob’s Stumpjumper is both an all-day epic trail bike and a hard-charging enduro race machine. Wheels: TR36 Bike Check

Michael modified his Epic Expert, changing everything but the frame and rear shock. Wheels: TR33 Bike Check

Paul’s Santa Cruz Nomad has superior reliability when conquering gnarly trails and stunts. Wheels: TR38 Bike Check

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