NOBL Wheelset Replacement Decals

USD $40.00

Achieve your dream look. All of our decals are made of 7 year vinyl. They are hyper durable, waterproof, and resistant to the elements. They’re also removeable if you want to change the way your wheels look. All decal sets come with an extra just in case. Don’t see the colour you want, please contact us!

We provide enough graphics to cover 1 complete wheelset plus a few spare pieces of each.

Installation: Simply clean the surface of your rim with isopropyl alcohol, let it dry, and then apply the decal. Check out this video HERE for more information.

  • *Which Wheelset do you need decals for?

    Full Letter Graphics

    Full letter graphics encompass the entire lettered graphic including the "O" crown.  The decal comes cut out into small sections making them easy to apply accurately. 

    Let us know what Shadow graphic colors that you'd like.

    Crown Graphics

    The "Crown" graphic refers to the "O" part of the word NOBL. Opting for just a crown graphic is a great way to add a subtle hint of colour and customization to your wheelset. It's our most popular option. Pair it with a full letter graphic colour of a different colour and you'll have something that really pops!

    Inset Graphics

    The "Inset" graphic refers to the inner portion of the "Crown" or "O".  Combined with a crown graphic it looks sleek and purposeful. A great way to add subtle personalization.  Pair it with a "Full Letter Graphic" and the same effect is achieved.

    *Select Crown Insert

Here’s Some Inspiration: