Chris King

The performance benchmark since 1976.

SuperBoost Hub Spacings Are Now Available

We have a bunch of superboost Chris King hubs in stock, and more on the way! They follow the same centerlock only brake style rule present in both Chris King’s boost/non-boost hub spacings. A pair of Superboost hubs weigh about 458g, with weights varying a little depending on driver choice. For an extensive list of hub weights, including Chris King’s, visit our Hub Weights blog. You can shop Chris King superboost hubs on all of our mountain bike wheels!

Carefully Perfected

Carefully perfected through stringent production and testing protocols, Chris King has been building performance components using quality materials carefully sourced from domestic mills since 1976. The latest iteration of their hubs come in at a lighter weight and in a few new colorways. 

The most noticeable change to the new line-up of Chris King hubs are that they are now solely available in centerlock. The switch to centerlock saves a few grams when compared to the 6 bolt standard. However, the most noticeable improvement comes from the all new alloy XD driver. The move away from steel saves a whopping 82 grams! There have been minor tweaks to the hub shell measurements to accommodate the transition to centerlock. The new CL MTB hubs all use the same rear axle across freehubs, which makes conversions a breeze.  The previous version required a different axle and tension collar for microspline setups.

Chris King

Custom Colors: Matte Black, Gloss Black, Matte Slate, Matte Mango, Matte Turquoise, Silver,  Navy, Red, “Burt Reynolds” (Black with Gold)

  • Engagement: 7/10
  • Durability: 10/10
  • Weight: 6/10

Durable Bearings

Chris King bearings are exceptionally durable in part due to their unique sealed angular-contact design that adapts and improves with use. They manufacture the bearings in house!

Patented Technology

Select Chris King hubs are built with their patented RINGDRIVETM technology offering 72 points of simultaneous engagement (45 points in R45 road hubs). and are capable of handling an industry-leading 800ft/lbs of torque.

Easy to Service

Chris King hubs are also well constructed making maintenance minimal and easy. We suggest carefully reading their servicing guide before attempting maintenance on your own.

Made to Last

With 40 years of experience as industry leaders, Chris King backs up their hubs with a lifetime warranty supporting their top tier claim.

Chris King Hub Weights


Front 110/15mm

Rear 148/12mm XD Alloy

148/12mm Microspline

Chris King Hub Colors