Built for Speed and Endurance

Industry Nine’s new SOLiX hubs deliver mechanical efficiency, increased engagement, competitive weight, and enhanced longevity with a distinctive new hub shell design. Made with weight-savings in mind, SOLiX hubs are catered towards road, gravel, CX and trail disciplines. These hubs are for riders who love to race or spend long days in the saddle. SOLiX M hubs are available in centerlock, boost and 28h only, and SOLiX gravel hubs come standard, centerlock in both 24h and 28h.

New 5 Phase Pawls

At the heart of SOLiX is a continuously-phased five-pawl freehub integrated with a 121-tooth drive ring. This combination offers 605 points of contact, giving an ultra-fine .59° engagement. The pawls and drive rings are crafted to precision from high-grade steel and engineered for maximum durability.


The SOLiX hub boasts reduced pawl rotation, decreased pawl spring pressure, optimized drive ring diameter, and an improved contact seal layout. These updates deliver diminished drag, freewheeling noise, and a more robust hub overall.

Even Bearing Distribution

SOLiX hubs feature the same bearing sizes on drive and non-drive sides to evenly distribute load placed on the hub shells, which greatly increases their overall strength and longevity. The higher load bearings are protected by replaceable full-contact radial lip seals to keep the elements at bay.

Aesthetically Distinct

SOLiX hubs are a distinct aesthetic departure from the current Hydra and 1/1 hubs in the brand’s lineup.

They feature scalloped hub flanges and a curved body, cut to save weight but not sacrifice strength at the spoke holes. This design gives the SOLiX hubs a distinctive flair and a total weight of 347g (for mountain). This is a savings of ~63g over a set of Hydra mountain hubs in the same configuration! Road hubs have similar savings, with a set weighing just 338g.

i9 SOLiX XD Rear
Mountain CL Boost = 228g
Road CL Standard = 227g

i9 SOLiX HG Rear
Mountain CL Boost = 238g

i9 SOLiX MS Rear
Mountain CL Boost = 232g
Road CL Standard = 228g

i9 SOLiX Front
Road CL 100×12 = 110g
Mountain CL boost = 120g

SOLiX Hub Colors