NOBL Wheels TR33 Wheelset


For Gravel and Adventure

Our versatile TR33 trail rim is an excellent option for adventure riders aiming to run wider tires at low pressures. Whether on gravel single track or a multi-day bike packing tour, they provide comfort, durability, and performance in a variety of terrain.
Features our five-year warranty.

Wheelset Weight Calculators

Wheel Size: 650b, 700c, Tire Size: 50-60c
Hole Count: 24h, 28h, 32h by request, Depth: 24mm,
Outer Width: 33mm, Inner Width: 27mm
Weight: 390g (27.5″), 405g (29″)
Weight – 27.5″ 390g, 29″ 405g
Hole Count – 24h, 28h, 32h
Asymmetric Offset: 2mm

The TR33 is a jack of all trades. Right at home on an aggressive XC setup, a bag-laden touring mule or a straight up trail bike, the TR33 provides great performance on a variety of surfaces and is suitable for 50-60c tires (1.95″ to 2.4″). Tubeless compatible tires are recommended.

ERD Chart


What rim model are you using?

TR32 – 29" ERD: 597.5

TR33 – 27.5" ERD: 552, 29" ERD 590

TR35 – 29" ERD: 597

TR36 – 27.5" ERD: 552, 29" ERD: 589

TR37 – 27.5" ERD: 559, 29" ERD: 597

TR38 – 27.5" ERD: 550, 29" ERD: 588

TR41 – 27.5" ERD: 550, 29" ERD: 587

HR35/CR35 – 700c ERD: 570

HR45/CR45 – 700c ERD: 550

For more ERD information refer to our Wheel Building Guide!



Intended Use

Our most versatile rim has found itself on everything from XC race machines to ultra-functional bikepacking rigs. Given that it comfortably supports tires between 50-60c tires (1.95″ to 2.4″) it’s easy to see why the TR33 is so adaptable.

  • Trail/XC 90% 90%
  • Gravel 70% 70%
  • Bikepacking 80% 80%

Handling Characteristics

Perfectly balanced, this rim offers the ‘Goldilocks’ of handling. It won’t be excessively stiff so that your hands and body feel rattled, but at the same time provides a noticeable improvement in handling over an equivalent alloy rim.

  • Impact Strength
  • Lateral Stiffness
  • Vertical Stiffness

Featured Upgrade: BERD

Upgrade your next set of TR33 wheels with Berd spokes, to turn them into a Pro marathon race wheelset. Berd spokes are made from an advanced polymer called Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). UHMWPE has 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel and floats on water. This means that you can enjoy substantial weight savings, when your wheelset is laced using these spokes. We find the ride quality is slightly less stiff than some conventional spokes, so road riders desiring a high amount of wheel stiffness may prefer steel spokes. Order custom colored Berd spokes by downloading our custom Berd form and emailing it to the form is available in 24h, 28h.

*We modify all J-bend hub shells for Berd, however we do not modify straight pull. For modified hub shells, the hub shell warranty is void

To learn more about Berd visit our FAQ.

5 Year Warranty

Our legacy series of rims come with a 5 year warranty for the original owner. Warranty covers any damage that is deemed a result of a manufacturing defect. Warranty replacement covers 100% of the cost of the new rim.  Warranty does not cover shipping or labour charges. Our crash replacement  policy covers damage that is caused by casing jumps, hitting square edges at speed, backing over your wheel with your Tacoma, and of course a gnarly crash. The crash replacement cost is 50% of MSRP

For more details or to submit a claim, check out our warranty page HERE.


Technical Support

Your wheelset is a high precision component that requires regular upkeep and maintenance to perform at its absolute best. Fortunately we’ve compiled resources that will be sure to help you with this process.

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