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NOBL Wheels is a company built by people who love bikes. We are composite experts, cycling industry veterans, bike racers and trail builders, all united by our passion to deliver a premium customer experience.

We’re grateful to work and play in the heart of beautiful Vancouver Island. Every wheel that ships from our Cumberland, BC headquarters has been carefully handcrafted to order and designed for each individual customer’s needs.

Custom Wheels,
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Whether we’re answering your technical questions, or helping select a custom decal colour to match your new bike frame, we love talking about bikes and wheels with our customers! Our team will walk you through the custom build process from start to finish.

Our work doesn’t stop once your wheels are shipped. With a Lifetime Warranty option for all of our rims, and a lifetime of service included, we’re committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience every time.

Reach out to our customer service team, or fill out our wheel recomendation form today if you need help starting an order.

Our History

Born out of the unforgiving terrain of British Columbia’s west coast, NOBL Wheels has humble origins. What began as a hobby for its founder, who blended his background in aircraft composites with his love for mountain biking, has become a mission to produce the toughest and best performing carbon wheelsets on the market today.

In 2020, NOBL headquarters moved from British Columbia’s Fraser Valley to the ocean, mountains and world-class trails of Vancouver Island. We’re proud to call the Comox Valley home and look forward to building our business and community here for years to come.

Detailed History


NOBL starts to build wheelsets using rims sourced from a variety of manufacturers. Experimentation with layup tweaks create the foundation for the development of our own products.


January: NOBL designs its first unique and proprietary rim. The 27.5″ TR38: burly, stiff and hookless. It would prove to be a game changer for aggressive riders who opt for high volume tires.

April: The TR38 is introduced to the masses!

August: Seeing the demand for a wide and strong MTB rim from the 29er crowd, the 29″ TR36 is released. For the demanding XC rider, the TR28 was also conceived.


May: An extended trip to Taiwan with numerous carbon manufacturer visits, provides insight into the ever changing composite market.

August: A second trip to our factory in China lends itself solely to the testing of new layups and profiles based on some new designs by NOBL. The resulting technology would end up being featured in the 27.5 and 29″ TR33 rim.

September: The idea of a complete NOBL wheelset is born. A partnership with Onyx Racing Products results in the NOBL hub. The Onyx internals feature the cutting edge sprag clutch which offers instant engagement and the lowest drag in the industry.

October: The TR33 designs are finalized and readied for production. Meanwhile, testing of our first single walled rims designed for aggressive riding begins.

December: Real world testing begins on the prototype single walled products. We spent two weeks at the factory implementing several process improvements, and started prototyping a second generation of molds for the single wall project.


February: The first NOBL hubs arrive for testing, utilizing a 15mm specific design to shave weight and increase durability. The hub shell plays homage to NOBL rim design with its asymmetric shape.

June: A relationship with Sapim Spokes and Nipples is forged, paving the way for NOBL to become an official distributor in Canada.

July: A two week factory trip yields a new molding technique for the third generation of a new hybrid single wall rim.

August: The 2016 season proves to be a banner year as NOBL Wheels find themselves under several talented athletes. When the dust settled the highlights were series wins in Open and Pro men’s categories at the Canadian National Enduro Series.

September: NOBL expands its facilities into a larger warehouse and remodelled office building in Abbotsford, BC.

October: Our new hybrid single wall rim goes through destructive testing. Results show 25% higher impact rating than the strongest carbon double walled DH rim we’ve tested.

November: The NOBL team grows to eight and gets ready to take on 2017!


August: The CX28, NOBLs first gravel and cyclocross rim is born.


August: The popular TR38 is redesigned with a new mould and production process and, for the first time ever, available as a 29er.

October: NOBL Wheels moves into an all new warehouse and shop in Yarrow, BC just minutes from the world class riding at Vedder Mountain

November: NOBL develops new moulds for the TR33 and TR36. The new moulds use an all new production process where the rims comes out of the mould as a finished product leaving them both stronger and more scratch resistant.


January: All warehousing, service, wheel building, and customer service moves to the new NOBL facility in Yarrow, BC.

May/June: The NOBL team continues to expand with the addition of another 2 wheel builders and sales representative.


Janurary: The creation of front and rear-specific rims with a unique sinewave design. The TR32, TR37, and TR41 would go on to make up our Sinewave Collection.

We also released the CR/HR35 rims to replace the CX28’s.

August: A new NOBL HQ is established in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.


July: The purchase of a larger building to become the future home of NOBL. Renovations are in progress.

September: A full time content creator and additional customer service staff are added to the team. The operation doubles in size in less than two years.


August: The TR35s are also designed and added to our Sinewave Collection to meet the need for the wider tires used on modern XC and down country bikes.

November: CR/HR45s are developed and released to flesh out our gravel and road offerings with a deeper, aerodynamic profile. Rims are designed to be mixed and matched with the 35mm deep counterparts depending on ride intention.


July: The doors are thrown open to our new showroom in Cumberland, BC. Nestled right on the main drag, Western Bike Company is a stone’s throw away from the trail network, burritos and cold beer, our staff rejoices.

September: After years of development, our G2 rims are launched. Featuring key changes to the materials we use during construction and layup schedules, the new rims boost impact resistance by 40% across the board.

G2 rims are further refined with new laser-etched graphics.


April: We upgraded to single-piece custom decals that are more resistant to wear-and-tear.

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TR37 Beta Review

“Four years ago, I took my first spin on NOBL rims, a pair of OG TR36s to be exact. They were laced to a set of purple Onyx Classic hubs. Baller, I know. And they rode exactly how I thought a high-end pair of boutique carbon spinners should—sharp, stiff and responsive as all get-out. They’ve performed flawlessly since then, and I haven’t needed to upgrade—a blasphemous concept, I know. Especially for me–I seem to have a way of destroying parts. But now, after almost four years of post-consumerist bliss, I got my hands on these contemporary TR37 carbon hoops from NOBL, and just like that, my old TR36s felt a bit—antiquated.”

Samuel McMain BETA MTB

Freehub Mag TR38 Review

In the past two months, I’ve learned two things. The first: wheels make a world of difference on a bike. The TR38s are sturdy, snappy and outrageously fun—they changed my experience of riding. Secondly, I have no trouble putting my full faith in NOBL and these wheels.

Montgomery FREEHUB Mag

TR32 Canadian MTB Review

Carbon fibre rims are now well established enough that brands are starting to get confident, and creative with rim design. Sometimes this can be gimmicky. Sometimes it turns out that trying something new works even better than traditional designs. This is the case for B.C.-based NOBL and its new TR32 wheelset and its distinctive “sine wave” rim design.

Terry McKall, Canadian MTB

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