NOBL Hookless and Clincher Rims - HR and CR

HR Industry Nine SOLiX Wheelset

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The new SOLiX hub from Industry Nine is here to elevate performance for road and gravel riders. With increased engagement and efficiency, greater longevity and more robust seals and bearings, the new look and feel of SOLiX hubs will maximize your pedalling potential.

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NOBL I9 SOLiX Road/Gravel Calculator

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Is this a Mixer wheelset? (35mm front / 45mm rear)

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    *Due to the nature of Industry Nine’s anodization process, we’re unable to guarantee colour match between hubs on single-wheel orders. If you’d like to ensure a new hub matches what one you currently own, please reach out to us via email and we’ll do our best to assist.

    As a note, i9 will not guarantee a colour match without both hubs in hand.

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    Stealth (stock) A glossy black waterslide graphic at the valve (non-removable).

    Valve Graphic Only Choose to add a valve crown, to the stock black waterslide valve graphic. Crown decals are weather proof and designed to be removable should you change your mind down the road. 

    Full Letter Graphics + Valve Graphic Choose to add Full Letter Graphics across from the valve (by default this space is blank), as well as a graphic at the valve. Decals are weather proof and designed to be removable should you change your mind down the road. 

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    Spoke Options

    Our HR/CR series of wheels come laced 24h front and 28h rear. Heavier riders (Over 200lbs) will benefit from use of a heavier gauge spoke such as the Sapim Race.  Those looking to save every possible gram and want a zero compromise build can opt for the bladed Sapim CX Ray spoke.

    • USD $435.18
    • Pillar Wing 20 Oil Slick Spokes
      USD $130.00

    Wheel Spoke Weight

    • D-light - 158g
    • Race - 182g
    • USD $217.59
    • USD $217.59
    • USD $253.86
    Berd Retensioning Kit

    After a few months of use your Berd wheelset will need to be retensioned. Choose the Spoke Holding Tool, or bundle it with an External Nipple Wrench so you can adjust your tension without removing your tire. Refer to our Berd FAQ to learn more.

    *Select Nipple Color

    We use Sapim Secure Lock 7075 Alloy nipples. They are durable and corrosion resistant while saving quite a bit of rotating weight. Secure Lock ensures the wheel maintains tension without loosening or unwinding.

    • Weight of Alloy Nipples per wheel: 30g
    *Select Valve(s)

    Select your valve(s) to be included with your new wheelset.

    • NOBL valves include 1 valve & cap per wheel ordered. NOBL valves are not compatible with tire inserts.
    • Peaty's MK2 Valve kits include a matching set of 2 valves with matching spoke & core removal tool caps, and are also compatible with tire inserts! Peaty valves come in 60mm lengths.
    *Select Peaty's Valve
    Select Valve Cap Color
    Your wheels come stock with a black alloy NOBL branded valve with black plastic cap. You can now upgrade to a coloured or black anodized alloy bullet-style valve cap for a relatively small fee.
    *Our kit is NOT compatible with most tire inserts.

    What bike are these wheels for? (make/model year)

    Please let us know what bike you’ll be mounting your NOBL Wheels on.

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    Please let us know if you have any questions or special requests. We review all orders before they are manufactured and will contact you if we have any questions.

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Brand: NOBL Wheels

The new SOLiX hub from Industry Nine was born from design principles refined by years of off-road hub design, now fine-tuned in a hub that is a leap forward in the brand’s road and gravel hub lineup. SOLiX delivers mechanical efficiency, competitive weight, and enhanced longevity, with a distinctive new hub shell design.


At the heart of SOLiX is a continuously-phased five pawl freehub seamlessly integrating with a 121 tooth drive ring. This combination offers 605 points of contact translating to an ultra-fine .59° engagement. The pawls and drive rings are crafted to precision from high grade steel and engineered for maximum durability.

Bearings & Seals

The SOLiX hub boasts reduced pawl rotation, decreased pawl spring pressure, optimized drive ring diameter, and improvements to the contact seal layout, which translates to diminished drag and freewheeling noise. These hubs feature the same bearing sizes on drive and non-drive side - evenly distributing load placed on the hub shells, which greatly increases their overall strength and longevity. The higher load bearings are protected by replaceable full-contact radial lip seals to keep the elements at bay.

Hub Shell

The distinctive scalloped flanges shave hub weight without sacrificing the strength of the shell, key priorities for many road and gravel riders. SOLiX hubs are available in every anodized colour in the i9 catalogue.

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HR – Hookless


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