Light your Way With SON

Make your wheels the ultimate exploration partners with SON 28 dynamo hubs for road and mountain. There is no better way to generate your own power and uplevel your two-wheeled self-sufficiency, whether on your daily commuter or your ultra-endurance bikepacking machine.

German manufacturers Schmidt released their first SON dynamo hubs in the mid-90’s and the SON28 model quickly developed cult-status. As long distance and Herculean riding efforts have skyrocketed in popularity and what they demand from components, SON hubs have stayed the go-to for riders thanks to their quality, ultra-dependable performance and engineering pedigree.

The beauty of these hubs are in their simple, analog design: magnets mounted inside the hub pass over an internal wire coil with every rotation of your front wheel, producing electricity and power. Most riders use spade connectors to feed this power directly to dynamo powered lights or to directly charge cache batteries or electronic devices. Navigation, locked-and-loaded.


SON dynamos tout a competitive weight, the lowest drag, highest charging efficiency and most reliable power output and longevity of any dynamo hub on the market, making them the unquestionable top choice. Their 3W/6-volt rating produces reliable power even at slower speeds, abolishing the dreaded “flickering beam” while climbing and trail riding.

To top it off, almost all the components of the hubs are still machined in-house at Schmidt to beautifully precise industrial standards and their polished and minimal design delivers a wheel that oozes a premium look as well as premium performance.

Hub Spacings

Because every rider’s adventure rig is different, SON hubs are offered in axle standards to cover all bases. We’ve focused our stock on 100x12mm TA and 110x15mm boost TA hubs but can always fulfill other, niche needs.

Shop SON 28 Dynamo

Pair SON front hubs with any rear hub in our lineup for the ultimate adventure-ready wheelset, or order a single front wheel to swap in-and-out with your current NOBL wheelset on the days that you need that extra capability. Reach out to our team to get your build started!