A New Hope

Hope’s new Pro 5 hub builds on 35 years of industry expertise to deliver a component that improves on it’s predecessor in almost every way. Hope have prioritized reliability through better sealing, and wider spring profiles that increase load capacity while decreasing drag. A smaller axle diameter makes space for bigger bearings, which should increase stiffness and load capacity as well.

Increased Engagement

Hope Pro 5 hubs feature a 54t ratchet with 6 offset pawls offering up 108 points of engagement. This creates a well-balanced ride experience between quick engagement, load capacity, and drag. Out on the trail, this translates to a snappy feeling hub that doesn’t compromise when it comes to durability or performance.

Easy to Service

Two important considerations made by Hope Tech while creating the Pro 5 was compatibility with different frames and forks, as well as driver interchangeability. Pro 5’s now come compatible with Centerlock rotors, and no special tools are required to swap freehubs or add spacers.


Custom Colors: Yes – Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, Silver, Black

  • Engagement: 8/10
  • Durability: 7/10
  • Weight: 8/10

SHop Hope

Hope Hub Weights

Hope Pro 5
Front Boost 110mm
Actual Hub Weight = 187g

Hope Pro 5
Hope Pro 5 Pair XD Boost
Actual Hub Weight = 500g

Hope Pro 5
Hope Pro 5 Rear XD Boost 148mm
Actual Hub Weight = 313g

Hope Hub Colors