NOBL Component Partners

We’ve partnered with the industry’s top component brands to create a complete wheelset that will offer years of reliable, no nonsense performance. From value focused, to cutting edge, we have options for you.

Featured Component: BERD

Berd spokes are made from an advanced polymer called Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). UHMWPE has 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel and floats on water. This means that you can enjoy substantial weight savings, when your wheelset is laced using these spokes. We find the ride quality is slightly less stiff than some conventional spokes, so road riders desiring a high amount of wheel stiffness may prefer steel spokes.

*We modify all J-bend hub shells for Berd, however we do not modify straight pull. For modified hub shells, the hub shell warranty is void

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Onyx Racing Products

Produced in the United States, Onyx is known for their silent,  sprag clutch freehub mechanism. Both their Classic and Vesper hubs offer instant engagement and are completely silent when coasting. Onyx’ also offers the widest customization program in the business, with hundreds of colours at their disposal.

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Chris King

Chris King has been building performance components since 1976, carefully perfecting them in Portland, Oregon. With stringent quality testing, and made in house stainless steel bearings, Chris King hubs are easy to maintain and offer incredible reliability bike after bike.

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Industry Nine

Made in the USA, Industry Nine builds lightweight high performance hubs, with unparalleled durability. Their Hydra hub has 690 points of engagement, simple serviceability and comes in a wide variety of colors. Their value focused 1-1 hubs offer a respectable 90 points of engagement with much of the DNA of it’s higher end sibling.

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DT Swiss

With the launch of their EXP ratchet system, DT Swiss has leveled up their modern classic to a new level. By eliminating parts of their original star ratchet system, the DT180 and DT240 models are more lightweight, and easier to maintain. DT Swiss also offers the DT350, which still uses the star ratchet system, as a budget friendly option.

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Hope Tech builds quality hubs that are versatile and easy to service. The hub shells are cut by machine from forged aluminum and feature stainless steel bearings. Hope Tech has been in the cycling industry since 1989, manufacturing, designing, and testing their hubs in Barnoldswick, UK. They come in a wide range of colors.

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Son Dynamo

The beauty of these hubs are in their simple, analog design: magnets mounted inside the hub pass over an internal wire coil with every rotation of your front wheel, producing electricity and power that can be fed through spade connectors to lights or to directly charge cache batteries or electronic devices.

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Classified hubs’ technology is designed to replace the functionality of a front derailleur while maintaining the wide gear range of a traditional 2x set-up. Combined with various cassette options you can fine-tune your Classified drivetrain for precisely the wide gear range and small gear steps you want: up to 530%!

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Project 321

Project 321 hubs offer improved reliability, decreased drag, and magnet-operated pawls. The quick engaging hub comes in at a competitive weight and is available in a variety of colors. Pairing these hubs to a set of our rims will result in a reliable and instant performance upgrade for your bike.

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We will build with hubs outside of this list, provided that you send them to us. Please contact to discuss custom orders.

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