Originally designed with eMTBs in mind, our TR41s have become a great option for aggressive riders who want to run wider tires. Their burly design offers up great tracking and a responsive ride-feel thanks to the Sinewave profile. Features a Lifetime Warranty.

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Specs (front/rear)
Wheel Size: 27.5″, 29″, Tire Size: 2.4″-2.8″
Hole Count: 32h, Depth: 25mm,
Width: 41mm, Inner Width: 35mm/34mm
29″ – Weight: 490/550g
27.5″ – Weight: 470/520g
Our TR41’s are designed to cater to those wanting to use large tires.

We used design elements from our enduro rims and kept the profiles reasonably deep, so there’s support for high load applications like E-bikes. TR41 wheelsets use front and rear specific rims, each with a uniquely tailored layup. A sine wave shape embedded into the molds aids side stiffness. Intended for heavier duty wheel builds and with a spoke hole area defined in the mold, these rims are only offered in 32H.


The Details

ERD Chart


What rim model are you using?

TR32 – 29" ERD: 597.5

TR33 – 27.5" ERD: 552, 29" ERD 590

TR35 – 29" ERD: 597

TR36 – 27.5" ERD: 552, 29" ERD: 589

TR37 – 27.5" ERD: 559, 29" ERD: 597

TR38 – 27.5" ERD: 550, 29" ERD: 588

TR41 – 27.5" ERD: 550, 29" ERD: 587

HR35/CR35 – 700c ERD: 570

HR45/CR45 – 700c ERD: 550

For more ERD information refer to our Wheel Building Guide!




Front Specs

Front Weight – 29″ 490g / 27.5″ 470g
Asymmetric Offset: 2mm

The rims have the same side stiffness, but the front is about 25% less vertically stiff. It’s also about 60g lighter than the rear rim. The slightly wider 35mm internal width suits larger tires.


Rear Specs

Rear Weight – 29″ 550g / 27.5″ 520g
Asymmetric Offset: 2mm

The rear rim is reinforced with thicker sidewalls and oversized 3.5mm hookless “lips”, creating a more balanced feel between the front and rear wheels. The 34mm internal width is designed for 2.4” and larger tires.

Intended Use

A high volume rim and tire combination allows for lower pressure with more comfort and traction. Our TR41’s are the answer for everything from E-bike and Plus, and riders who want the benefits of a wide trail tire. 

  • Enduro
  • E-Bike
  • Plus

Handling Characteristics

A lower profile allows for better tracking and cornering, increasing control and speed during the ride. When straight lining through rough terrain, the comfort and stability of carbon rims increase confidence without the harshness.

  • Impact Strength
  • Lateral Stiffness
  • Vertical Stiffness

Lifetime Warranty

If you manage to break your rims while riding your bike, we will send you a replacement rim at no charge and you will just have to pay the shipping cost. If you damage your rims because of non-riding circumstances like melting your rims because it was sitting too close to your vehicle’s exhaust on a road trip, we’ll give you 50% off a replacement. This coverage lasts indefinitely to the original purchaser.

For more details or to submit a claim, check out our warranty page HERE.

TR41 Reviews

“The TR41 with DT Swiss 350 hubs helped bring the weight of my propane spindrift down significantly, while maintaining its ability to feel damp through rough sections of trail. I also felt so much more comfortable in the air with less rotational mass. Beyond that the best part of the wheelset is that I don’t even notice they are there. This is probably the highlight for me as wheels really just should function and help the bikes performance but remain hassle free.”


Sebastien L

TR41 Reviews

“The confidence inspiring stability of these carbon rims is game changing. I found I could much more easily track the line I wanted and (I was) hitting way more jumps. For big guys like me, I think they may make the bike handle like they do for other, lighter riders using alloy rims. In short, they allow me to get what my bike has to offer. So much fun! You guys really got the right rims for me, and I couldn’t be happier.”


Brett E

Technical Support

Your wheelset is a high precision component that requires regular upkeep and maintenance to perform at its absolute best. Fortunately we’ve compiled resources that will be sure to help you with this process.

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