NOBL Rim Comparison

Sinewave rims

Featuring a Lifetime warranty, our ‘sine curve design’ and a revised profile that is front/rear-specific, our premium lineup offers performance-focused wheels that will take your riding to the next level.



Depth: 20.5mm
Outer Width: 32mm
Inner Width:
27mm (f) / 26mm (r)



Depth: 21mm
Outer Width: 35.5mm
Inner Width:
30.5mm (f) / 29.5mm (r)



Depth: 20.5mm
Outer Width: 37mm
Inner Width:
31mm (f) / 30mm (r)


ENDURO / EBike / plus

Depth: 25mm
Outer Width: 41mm
Inner Width:
35mm (f) / 34mm (r)

Legacy Rims

Tried, tested and true, our legacy wheelsets offer top shelf performance that will improve the handling and control of your bike without breaking the bank. Backed with our standard 5-year warranty.



Depth: 24mm
Outer Width: 33mm
Inner Width: 27mm



Depth: 25mm
Outer Width: 36mm
Inner Width: 30mm



Depth: 25mm
Outer Width: 38mm
Inner Width: 31mm

Rim Weights

29″ – 360g (f) / 390g (r)

29″ – 405g

27.5″ – 390g

29″ – 395g (f) / 435g (r)

29″ – 443g

27.5″ – 430g

29″ – 450g (f) / 550g (r)

27.5″ – 430g (f) / 520g (r)

29″ – 530g

27.5″ – 490g

29″ – 490g (f) / 550g (r)

27.5″ – 470g (f) / 520g (r)

Detailed Review

XC/Trail – TR32, TR33, TR35, TR36

NOBL TR32 rims are the lightest in our lineup, and the most geared toward competitive XC race environments. Our TR33 rims are a great alternative if you’re after something a little deeper and with added stiffness in comparison to the TR32 and TR35 rims. TR35s have the same 28h hole count as the TR32s, but a wider format. Ride-feel on the TR35s slots directly in between the TR32 and TR37, making them our go-to rim for Downcountry riding. The nearest comparable offering to TR35s in our Legacy series is the TR36 rims which are 50g heavier in 29″. Heavier riders may still prefer the TR36s due to the increased stiffness and ability to run 32h as an option.

Am/Enduro – TR36, TR37, TR38, TR41

Our ultra-versatile TR37 rims are the most popular in our lineup and are geared towards all-mountain and enduro riding. When compared to our Legacy line-up they sit right between our trail focussed TR36 and gravity-oriented TR38 rims. Our TR41 rims are the widest in our lineup, and perfect for e-bikes, heavier riders or those who want to run big tires.

EBike – TR38, TR41

TR41 rims were designed with Ebikes in mind and feature reinforcement in key areas of the construction to handle heavier torque loads. Our Legacy lineup alternative is the TR38 which can also handle the weight and the higher torque associated with Ebike riding.