NOBL TR37 Wheelset with Turquoise Hubs, and Decals


Designed and tested on the World Cup circuit, the TR37 is right at home chasing podiums at your local enduro or crushing a quick after-work lap with pals. Features a Lifetime Warranty.

Wheelset Weight Calculators
Specs (front/rear)
Wheel Size: 27.5″, 29″, Tire Size: 2.3″-2.6″
Hole Count: 32h, Depth: 20.5mm,
Width: 37mm, Inner Width: 31mm/30mm
29″ – Weight: 450/550g
27.5″ – Weight: 430/520g
The TR37 wheelset uses front and rear specific rims, each with its own tailored layup. A sine wave shape embedded into the molds aids side stiffness. Intended for heavier duty wheel builds and with a spoke hole area defined in the mold, these rims are only offered in 32H. A complete redesign of our molds, layup, and unique shape, make a significant step in how our rims handle.


The Details


Front Specs

Front Weight – 29″ 450g / 27.5″ 430g
ERD – 29″ 597 / 27.5″ 559
Asymmetric Offset: 2mm

The rims have the same side stiffness, but the front is about 25% less vertically stiff. The slightly wider 31mm internal width suits a high volume tire. It’s also about 60g lighter than the rear rim.


Rear Specs

Rear Weight – 29″ 550g / 27.5″ 520g
ERD – 29″ 597 / 27.5″ 559
Asymmetric Offset: 2mm

The hookless bead “lips” in the rear rim are thicker than the front for more impact protection, resulting in a 30mm internal width. Thinner pre-preg has allowed for more layers and thicker walls compared to the front rims.

Intended Use

Whether it’s seeking a local KOM, a casual night ride, or a weekend enduro racing, we designed the TR37’s with those situations in mind and created the most versatile “mountain bike” rim pairing. 

  • Cross Country
  • All Mountain
  • Enduro

Handling Characteristics

A lower profile allows for better tracking and cornering, increasing control and speed during the ride. When straight lining through rough terrain, the comfort and stability of carbon rims increase confidence without the harshness

  • Impact Strength
  • Lateral Stiffness
  • Vertical Stiffness

Lifetime Warranty

If you manage to break your rims while riding your bike, we will send you a replacement rim at no charge and you will just have to pay the shipping cost. If you damage your rims because of non-riding circumstances like melting your rims because it was sitting too close to your vehicle’s exhaust on a road trip, we’ll give you 50% off a replacement. This coverage lasts indefinitely to the original purchaser.

For more details or to submit a claim, check out our warranty page HERE.

TR37 Reviews

“I am beyond impressed! The riding characteristics of the wheels are absolutely next level. I’m in love. They were 100% worth the wait. Keep up the great work over there.”


Spencer R

TR37 Reviews

“I am absolutely loving my wheels! The colour fits perfectly with my bike’s theme (purple metal + orange paint on black frame). I’ve been pounding on them in the park and on my local (rocky) trails here in the Okanagan all year and they’re still true (albeit with a few scrapes on the decals). I looove the silent Onyx hubs: I feel so much more connected to the environment not hearing a buzzing freewheel all the way down the trails. The wheels are so light, easy to maneuver, and strong. I can’t say enough good things about them. I recommend them to everyone I meet.”


Rob M

TR37 Reviews

“Thank you for the excellent display of craftsmanship and attention to detail! These wheels are phenomenal and have completed my Santa Cruz Megatower build!!! Cheers!”


David N

TR37 Reviews

“The wheels were awesome too! It was a super rocky, blown out, and a gnarly course this year but they performed flawlessly. I definitely felt the rim ping off some BIG rocks but they are straight and tensioned evenly throughout. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the wheels and the setup I’m rocking.”


Parker O

Technical Support

Your wheelset is a high precision component that requires regular upkeep and maintenance to perform at its absolute best. Fortunately we’ve compiled resources that will be sure to help you with this process.

Built with the Best