TR38 Onyx Wheelset

USD $1,550.00

The Onyx hub brings completely silent coasting, paired with instant engagement to create the fastest rolling hub on the market. Their unique and proprietary sprag clutch is the secret to this revolutionary performance. Available in a myriad of colour options, the Onyx Vesper is your ticket for the ultimate custom wheel build. Heavier riders over 200lbs or those using E-bikes should opt for the Onyx Classic hub. A 29″ TR38 Onyx wheelset with Vesper hubs and Sapim D-Light spokes weighs in at 1962g, while the 27.5″ version will be around 1882g. All NOBL wheelsets come  taped with valves and ready to go! Simply throw your tires on with sealant and you’re set!

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    Upgrade to Ceramic Bearings?

    Onyx Vesper hubs come stock with stainless steel bearings. The upgrade to Verinent Hybrid Ceramic bearings is available. 

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    Rim Graphic Options

    Our rims come stock with durable glossy black water slide decals. However if you'd like to customize your rims to match your bike, we offer customization on the letters, crowns or inset crown. Choose from our stock colours or go full custom and  we'll do our best to match your desired colour scheme. 

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    Full Letter Graphics *

    Full letter graphics encompass the entire lettered graphic including the "O" crown.  The decal comes cut out into small sections making them easy to apply accurately. 

    *For Shadow Graphics, please let us know the colours you would like under 'Additional Information' at the end of the wheelset builder.

    Crown Graphics

    The "Crown" graphic refers to the "O" part of the word NOBL. Opting for just a crown graphic is a great way to add a subtle hint of colour and customization to your wheelset. It's our most popular option. Pair it with a full letter graphic colour of a different colour and you'll have something that really pops!

    Inset Graphics

    The "Inset" graphic refers to the inner portion of the "Crown" or "O".

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    Spoke Options

    Spokes fine tune a wheel's riding characteristics. Sapim D-Light spokes are the most common option, balancing strength and weight. Aggressive or heavier riders (over 200lbs) should opt for the thicker gauge Sapim Race spokes. Those looking for the ultimate in strength and weight savings should opt for the Sapim CX ray spokes.

    • USD $507.70
    • Pillar Wing 20 Oil Slick Spokes
      USD $140.00
    • USD $561.30
    • Pillar Wing 20 Oil Slick Spokes
      USD $160.00
    • USD $253.86
    • Pillar Wing 20 Oil Slick Spokes
      USD $70.00
    • USD $290.12
    • Pillar Wing 20 Oil Slick Spokes
      USD $80.00
    Berd Retensioning Kit

    After a few months of use your Berd wheelset will need to be retensioned. Choose the Spoke Holding Tool, or bundle it with an External Nipple Wrench so you can adjust your tension without removing your tire. Refer to our Berd FAQ to learn more.

    Select Nipple Color *

    We use Sapim Secure Lock 7075 Alloy nipples. They are durable and corrosion resistant while saving quite a bit of rotating weight. Secure Lock ensures the wheel maintains tension without loosening or unwinding.

    • Weight of Alloy Nipples per wheel: 30g

    Valve Options

    Select your valve(s) to be included with your new wheelset.

    • NOBL valves include 1 valve & cap per wheel ordered. NOBL valves are not compatible with tire inserts.
    • Peaty's MK2 Valve kits include a matching set of 2 valves with matching spoke & core removal tool caps, and are also compatible with tire inserts!

    Select Valve(s) *

    • Peaty's x Chris King (MK2) Tubeless Valve & Cap Kit

      USD $27.20

      Peaty's x Chris King (MK2) Tubeless Valves (set of 2) 42mm. Includes colour matched spoke tool and valve core removal tool caps. They're also compatible with rim inserts!

      "Made from premium lightweight, high strength 7075 aluminum, Peaty’s MK2 Tubeless Valves fit most tubeless setups from MTB to road and cyclocross, including carbon, enduro and DH rims."
      - Peaty USA

      Includes set of 2 valves & caps.

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    Select Valve Cap Color
    Your wheels come stock with a black alloy NOBL branded valve with black plastic cap. You can now upgrade to a coloured or black anodized alloy bullet-style valve cap for a relatively small fee.
    *Our kit is NOT compatible with most tire inserts.

    Add Vittoria To Your Wheelset

    Recommended Widths:

    TR33 2.35" - 2.40" TNT (Mazza, Martello, Barzo) //  TR36 2.35" - 2.6" (all options listed)  //   TR38 2.35" - 2.60" (Mazza, Martello)

    Get your wheels one step closer to being trail ready, by ordering your tires directly from us! We'll pack them with your wheelset. Vittoria offers top-quality products at an extraordinary value. We hand picked tire options and products from their lineup that best complement our rims.

    What bike are these wheels for? (make/model year)

    Please let us know what bike you’ll be mounting your NOBL Wheels on.

    Additional Information

    Please let us know if you have any questions or special requests. We review all orders before they are manufactured and will contact you if we have any questions.

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