What are Torque Caps?

So what are Torque caps, and do you need them?

Early in 2016 SRAM introduced torque caps as an upgrade option to their Roam wheelsets. Designed specifically for Rock Shox fork, the upgrade served to increase the stiffness of the fork and wheel through an increase in hub end cap diameter. Soon afterwards, many other hub manufacturers started producing adapter and conversion kits for their hubs to take advantage of this innovation.  As of March 2017, we offer Torque upgrades on our NOBL, Industry 9 Torch and Hope Pro 4 Evo wheelsets.

It all comes down to end cap width. Standard hub endcaps are 21mm in diameter, while the new Torque upgrade converts the hub cap ends to 31mm. The added width is accommodated by specifically designed dropouts in the fork legs of most Rock Shox forks produced since 2016.

The added surface area of the new axle provides a much stiffer interface between the axle and the fork leg, as well as making it somewhat easier to slide the front wheel in and out of the dropouts.

The tangible difference is that it offers an increase in steering precision and decreased torsional flex at the hub. This is especially noticeable for heavier riders, or hard-chargers that push their bikes to the limit when cornering.

On NOBL hubs, the Torque upgrade is a complete replacement axle kit that maintains the one piece axle design. Compared to pop in end caps, it offers the stiffest possible option as all parts are cinched down and integral to the complete hub. The upgrade is available for $25 USD on our wheelsets, or can be purchased afterwards for $60

NOBL 110×15 Torque Axle and Cap Kit

With Industry Nine hubs, the torque cap upgrade is as simple as popping out the existing end caps and replacing them with their burly take on the torque upgrade. The upgrade costs $30 on our wheelsets.

Industry Nine Torque Caps

Hope Pro 4 Evo hubs also use an easily interchangeable Torque cap system of pop in end caps. The upgrade is available for $30 USD on our wheelsets.