Our 700c HR35 rims are designed to handle everything from bikepacking to epic gravel rides. Optimized for wider road and gravel tires, it doesn’t matter what medium you’re riding on, our HR35 rims have you covered. Features a Lifetime Warranty.

Wheelset Weight Calculator

Specs (front/rear)
Wheel Size: 700c, Tire Size: HR35 30c-47c
Hole Count: 24h/24h or 28h , Depth: 35mm, Width: 29mm
HR35 – Inner Width: 24mm, 400/440g

Build Your Own

At 35 milimeters deep our HR35 (Hookless) rims offer an aerodynamic advantage while still remaining lightweight without harshness. They feature front and rear specific layups with a new 24h rear hole count! HR35 rims have a 29mm external width, with a 24mm hookless internal width. Find our tire and pressure recommendation chart below for guidelines which will help you determine which model is best for you.

We worked with a number of manufacturers to collectively produce S136 and P20 steel molds. These long lasting molds allows for the highest tolerances with the smallest possible parting lines. The result is a rim that comes out of the mold nearly blemish free. The mold release used flashes off and you’re left with a scratch resistant surface with the outer layer of resin preserved and the carbon fibers remain undisturbed. Our new layup uses several different types and thicknesses of prepreg which has allowed us to shave weight in low stress areas, while reinforcing the high stress areas. 

The Details

ERD Chart


What rim model are you using?

TR32 – 29" ERD: 597.5

TR33 – 27.5" ERD: 552, 29" ERD 590

TR35 – 29" ERD: 597

TR36 – 27.5" ERD: 552, 29" ERD: 589

TR37 – 27.5" ERD: 559, 29" ERD: 597

TR38 – 27.5" ERD: 550, 29" ERD: 588

TR41 – 27.5" ERD: 550, 29" ERD: 587

HR35/CR35 – 700c ERD: 570

HR45/CR45 – 700c ERD: 550

For more ERD information refer to our Wheel Building Guide!



HR35 (Hookless)

Front Specs – 24h / 400g
Rear Specs – 24h or 28h / 440g
Symmetric – 0mm Offset

The HR35 is aimed at those who do not intend to run over 60psi in their tires. The hookless design is ideally suited for today’s modern tubeless tires. The resulting wider internal width supports slightly larger tires. This makes it ideal for those prioritize traction on loose or chunky terrain. Cross racers and off road bike packers will be able to take advantage of this rim.


The wider hookless design of the HR35 makes it ideally suited for lower pressure tubeless setups. While there is overlap between the intended use of the HR and CR rims, the HR can be viewed as the more gravel/off road focused rim.

For UCI sanctioned cyclocross events, we suggest measuring your rim + tire width combination as wider rims can lead to slightly higher than claimed widths with some tire brands.

  • Road
  • Gravel
  • Cyclocross
Tire Size Suggested
Pressure Range (psi)
30c 35-65
32c 32-55
35c 30-45
38c 28-40
40c 26-38
42c 24-35
45c 22-35
47c 20-35 

*based on 170lb rider

Featured Upgrade: BERD

Upgrade your next set of HR35 wheels with Berd spokes. Berd spokes are made from an advanced polymer called Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). UHMWPE has 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel and floats on water. This means that you can enjoy substantial weight savings, when your wheelset is laced using these spokes. We find the ride quality is slightly less stiff than some conventional spokes, so road riders desiring a high amount of wheel stiffness may prefer steel spokes. Order custom colored Berd spokes by downloading our custom Berd form and emailing it to the form is available in 24h, 28h.

*We modify all J-bend hub shells for Berd, however we do not modify straight pull. For modified hub shells, the hub shell warranty is void

To learn more about Berd visit our FAQ.

Lifetime Warranty

If you manage to break your rims while riding your bike, we will send you a replacement rim at no charge and you will just have to pay the shipping cost. If you damage your rims because of non-riding circumstances like melting your rims because it was sitting too close to your vehicle’s exhaust on a road trip, we’ll give you 50% off a replacement. This coverage lasts indefinitely to the original purchaser.

For more details or to submit a claim, check out our warranty page HERE.

NOBL Road and Gravel Rim REVIEWS

My trip was amazing to start and was made incredible with the addition of my NOBL wheels. Light, responsive and most noticeably laterally stiff and precise on the descents-I couldn’t be more happy about how they performed over 350 miles and 33k of climbing through Umbrian and Tuscan farm roads and Strada Bianche.”


Michael F

NOBL Road and Gravel Rim REVIEWS

“When building my newest drop-bar bikepacking rig, I needed a wheelset that could be reliable & have a large enough inner ID for more voluminous tires. While researching which wheelset to choose, Nobl was one of the companies that was on my list. 

The process & support Nobl provided from my initial inquiry, further discussions, warehouse tour in Courtenay, BC, to picking up the finalized wheel build was unreal. 

I’ve since taken the HR35 on pavement, gravel, doubletrack, and light singletrack. This wheelset has checked all the boxes for an “all-conditions” drop bar rig.”


Mark D

Technical Support

Your wheelset is a high precision component that requires regular upkeep and maintenance to perform at its absolute best. Fortunately we’ve compiled resources that will be sure to help you with this process.

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