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We couldn’t let the fun last just one day. Watch the next installment of our popular OVAL wheels video.

April 1st Marks the release of the Oval 45

The OVAL 45 is our latest development in carbon rim technology. Riders describe the Oval 45 as vertically compliant and stiff. Their unique shape rides so smoothly over roots, rocks and pot holes that they’ve even been called buttery.  This is no thanks to their shallow fat bike style depth, or their 45mm width, but their special layup that allows them to be built in an oval.

Happy April Fools!

A Note From Our Brand Manager

At NOBL, building custom mountain bike wheels by hand has always been a labour of love. Today, we’re thrilled to bring that passion to the public with an exciting new product our entire team has poured their hearts and souls into.

After recognizing that improvements to bike geometry had reached a plateau in recent years, our leadership team flew down to MOAB this fall to ride bikes and search for the next great idea. The development meetings became so explosive, we never left our Airbnb.

Through what we now term “sensory-deprivation visionboarding”, we spent three days without food or water and challenged ourselves to share new ideas without speaking out loud. At the conclusion of the trip, it was clear to everyone in attendance that the future of mountain biking is oval.

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that we are rebranding to NOVL Wheels, effective immediately.  We truly cannot wait for the rest of the industry, and our loyal customer to enjoy the oval fruits of our labour. 


Christopher Arruda

Brand Manager – NOVL Wheels

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