I’ve had a whack load of wheel sets in my life. Every size, a lot of different rim profiles and many miles on them all. About a month ago I got my hands on a set from NOBL. I got the 36mm Wide 29er rims laced up with double butted DT spokes, HD rear rim,  onto I9 hubs. The set was 1800g and by far the widest rims I’ve been on with an internal width of 30mm. I set them up tubless with Maxxis Ardent tires, a 2.4 in the front and a 2.25 in the rear. The ardent is one of my favourite tires.

Initial impressions with the wheel set; super easy to set up. The way the rim is designed it was set up tubeless in my garage with a floor pump. The first impression on the trail was very positive, the climbing stiffness is better then any other wheel I’ve been on. 1800g is a very respectable weight for any wheel set, let alone a set so wide. On the downs the stability is out of this world. I charged harder then ever. The wheels transformed my bike, my confidence was so high and my riding like an idiot was at an all time high.  The I9 hubs also give you a feeling like a swarm of bees is chasing you, the free hub is unreal.

After a month; I ride hard and a lot. I like to spend as much time sideways as possible and try to rip the tires off on every corner. I had some of the fastest young riders in the country out a week ago for a ride and they couldn’t believe my wheels were still straight as an arrow. “you’re sideways the entire time, I don’t know how those wheels hold together” was a quote from the best Jr rider in the country. To me this wheel set is bomb proof. I haven’t touched them once and they are just as good as the day I got them. Best all round wheel set I’ve ever been on.

I also like the fact you can just customize everything about the wheels, from spokes to hubs, extra ply’s of carbon on the rims, to decals. I changed out the decals on the rims half way through the month and my bike looks pimped.

Thanks NOBL wheels for helping me ride like an idiot and getting away with it.

Ricky Federau

Lead Guide – Valley Bike Guides


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