Discover the New DT Swiss 240 EXP

DT’s redesigned 240 hubs come in the same wide range of options as their star ratchet models but are lighter, more precise, and more easily serviceable.

The Whole Bike Considered

The DT Swiss 240 EXP system has an attention to detail that goes far beyond the hub – it considered how the hub would fit with the whole bike system. DT’s new 240 hubs come 36t standard. DT Swiss chose 36t as they felt it was the best balance between engagement, reliability, and weight, by calculating for backlash and pedal kickback. DT’s conclusion was that “more points of engagement = higher potential of pedal kickbacks” (dependent on your bike and ride speed). They also factored in that their 36t system is lighter than their high engagement 54t 240 system.

A Simpler Lighter System

With one ratchet fused to the threaded ring, the new system no longer needs two springs to push the ratchets together. This means less parts, and less weight!

Superior Reliability

The ratchets fully engage to create a large contact surface and small point loads, resulting in superior reliability.

Stiffer Bearing Stance

Since the bearing is integrated in the threaded ring, it means a stiffer bearing stance due to the increase in distance between the drive shell bearings.

Simple Endcap Removal

The EXP end caps are notched to allow for a secure fit when installed. Changing the end caps is a simple tool-free procedure. Freehubs are easily swappable and are available for SRAM and Shimano.

Redesigned Hub Shell

DT redesigned the 240 hub shell to fit the new EXP system. 240 EXP is not compatible with 240s hub shells.

EXP for Less

Experience the benefits of Ratchet EXP without the expense of the DT Swiss 180.

Steel Bearings

The new DT240 hubs are made with durable stainless steel bearings.

DT Swiss 240 History

Over the last 22 years DT Swiss has been continuously making improvements to their bearings and ratchet system. The DT 240 hub development process started with DT’s Hügi 98 hub. DT soon developed the Hügi 240, which saw a reduced weight and better star ratchets than it’s earlier version. That hub eventually became the 240 with improved stainless bearings, better component materials, and non-contact seals. With their release of the DT Swiss 240 EXP, DT proves that they continue to be innovators in the cycling industry.