Product Showcase: TR41

Everything we’ve learned in the past 8 years comes together with our premium series of rims. The TR41 is aimed specifically at E-Bikes and heavy duty enduro riders who prefer a wider profile. Whether you’re going full pin and trying to shave a second of a KOM, or just looking for a handling upgrade, the TR41 will help with both.

Purpose Built.

With E-Bikes becoming more common, we wanted to create a rim that could handle the specific needs of an E-bike. The added weight and torque from the motor can cause undue stress on a regular rim, which is why we tweaked the design to provide reinforcement in key areas. With front and rear specific profiles, the TR41 creates a front wheel that will track accurately when the riding gets rough, and a rear wheel that will handle whatever you throw at it.



This rim is intended for…

  • E-Bikes
  • Heavy duty Enduro riders
  • Plus Bikes

This rim is NOT ideal for…

  • XC applications
  • Tires less than 2.3″ in width.