Welcome to the Team

Dillon Butcher is a rider on the rise on Vancouver Island. We’re proud to welcome him into the NOBL family.

About To Fly Over The Radar

To say Nanaimo’s Dillon Butcher is flying under the radar would be an understatement. He’s the type of dude who can casually throw down a cannonball to barspin combo and then crush a forty foot send on his DH bike. However, when we filmed this edit, we didn’t look for the biggest jumps or the craziest tricks, we set out to capture flow. There’s something about the fluidity of his riding that not many can match. If you want to see someone dancing with a bike, watch this clip.

Favorite Riding Spot:

Spooks Trails

Taking It Beyond Just Riding

Dillon Butcher grew up racing BMX, before he transitioned into mountain biking. With the need for the ultimate rush he started out with dirt jump and downhill, before getting his first trail bike. But no matter what he’s riding, he sends. If you frequent Vancouver Island, you’ve probably seen him doing just that, or out with a shovel. He’s passionate about trail building and has been planning on some more builds for future film projects.

TR37 More Than Just Strength

Dillon puts his wheelsets to the test, and his NOBL TR37s are standing up to his challenge. They track over even the roughest terrains with stability and responsiveness. 

Industry Nine Hydra

Dillon chose a stealthy set of black I9 Hydras, you’d think that their signature buzz would scare the birds away, but the birds had other ideas. 


Dillon’s last set of NOBL Wheels were our TR38s, which are exceptionally resilient to rocks, roots, and impacts.

Onyx Classic

For this wheel build, Dillon chose a ‘loud’ set of neon yellow Onyx Classic hubs, so they could still get attention while rolling silently down the hill.

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