Dillon Butcher

2022 NOBL Edit

Shot over the course of 6 months, Dillon Butcher’s 2022 edit is mind-meltingly good. Turn those speakers up, hit 4K, and enjoy 3.5 minutes of Dillon doing what he does best!

Created in collaboration with our friends at Forbidden Bike Company and Onza Tires.

“After riding NOBL Wheels for the past 2.5 years I can genuinely say I have never been let down. They are extremely durable, stiff in the corners but still super lightweight. I’m always confident that the wheels will be able to withstand whatever terrain I throw at them.”

– Dillon Butcher

Video, photos, and edit: Max McCulloch

First AC: Liam Morgan

Additional shots: Calvin Huth

Special thanks: Ryan Morris, Nate Slater, Mark Matthews, Chris Arruda

Song: Jadu Heart – I’m a Kid

TR38 and TR37

Designed and tested on the World Cup circuit, the TR37 is right at home chasing podiums at your local enduro or crushing a quick after-work lap with pals. If you’re looking for something more gravity focused, the TR38 is the answer. The TR38 is burly enough to also be a good e-bike rim.

Industry Nine Hydra

The Hydra offers 690 points of engagement, increased durability and bearing life, decreased rolling resistance and low weight. It features a 115 tooth drive-ring and a six phase engagement system, that achieves 2nd, 3rd and 4th pawl contact to distribute the load.

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