The ride plan is to basically start in Yarrow, BC and try to ride all of my favourite mountains in the Lower Mainland. Not sure how much to pack, so I just packed whatever I could fit…

Climbing up “The Duck Farm” trail on the North side of Vedder mountain.

More Duck Farm

Riding along the ring road on Vedder, brings me to one of the many beautiful views this mountain has to offer. This one faces south east. Half Canada, half USA.

Distance Travelled: 17km, Elevation: 722 Meters – Just about to drop into “The Den”

After The Den, I continued to ride 2 cents, Terd Ferg, Skidder, Femur DH and finished on Endo. This spat me right out at Cultus Lake.

Trying to stay on dirt or gravel as much as possible, I hooked onto the Trans-Canada Trail. Here is an old car I discovered along the path.

Distance Travelled: 29.8km, Elevation: 26 Meters – Across the bridge and along the Vedder River. Lots of casual riders along this route and some fishermen

Easy trail on the way to the Keith Wilson bridge crossing, cruising along at a steady 26 km/h pace.

Up onto the dyke trail, 20 degrees and slight breeze – perfection.

Distance Travelled: 37km, Elevation: 10 Meters – Vedder Canal on the way to the Trans Canada Highway #1 crossing

Barrowtown Pump Station just off the Trans Canada Trail.

Distance Travelled: 57km, Elevation: 136 Meters – Arrived in Abbotsford and onto my second peak of the day. View of Mt Baker (Washington, USA) in the background.

Elevation: 392 Meters – Just finished the McKee Climb and looking out at Vedder Mountain. Somehow climbed to the top in under 16 minutes with one stop. I came down Mixed bag and Amy Fisher.

McKee is finished. Now on the way to Sumas Mountain with a pretty unforgiving steep road climb to soften you up. Just what you need after 70km half way thorough the ride.

At my only food/water stash of the day. I didn’t end up needing any of the water, but I made myself drink some ancient protein mix. Really stoked to have some junk food!

Distance Travelled: 78.6km, Elevation: 862 Meters – Finished the ~8 km gravel climb up to the top of Sumas Mountain in under an hour. Not terrible considering the journey thus far.

Descended down Knob Gobbler which is one of the better black diamond trails on Sumas for sure. Shown here is one of the lower switchbacks. Then I connected to Noah Fear, then over to World Cup DH, and then the last trail on Sumas was called “No time out”

Distance Travelled: 96.8km, Elevation: 1 Meter – Looking back at the lower part of Sumas Mountain. I had to descend on a gravel road past a rock quarry (you can see it on the bottom left of the mountain if you look closely). Too bad the trails don’t take you all the way down as that would be a big 850+ meter elevation drop. Rode along the Fraser River Dyke trail that connects me to my third city for the day – Mission, BC

I sure hate seeing these cul-de-sac signs. They remind me that no one else is forcing me to do the ride and it might be a good idea to stop and turn around. Well I have an hour of daylight left, might as well pop off another mountain!

Not bad daylight, but I’m sure glad it’s not cloudy as my senses are starting to falter. Thanks to a few riders having bear sightings around here recently, I try to make some noise and keep my wits.

Not sure why I picked this climb “Cranks”, it has the most elevation gain and is probably the hardest way up Bear Mountain. Man I would love to be riding down this trail instead of up – so many switchbacks.

Survived Cranks, and hooked onto “Bombardier”. The lovely FVMBA trail crew must have been up here today preparing the trails for me. Thanks for the brown POW!

Getting a bit dark so I decided against pictures of the new Super Bear DH track which is super flowy and hard to screw up on if you don’t over do it. Perfect finish for my final trail of the day. Mill Pond in the background.

It’s pretty interesting to see the scope of each mountain on one scale.

Time for some more junk food!


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