Vittoria Air Liner MTB

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Introducing the Vittoria Air-Liner MTB: Your Essential Puncture Solution for Mountain Bike Tires

Embrace the thrill of mountain biking without the fear of punctures, thanks to the Air-Liner MTB from Vittoria. Punctures may happen, but with the Air-Liner MTB, they won’t derail your ride. This innovative solution ensures that a mid-run flat doesn’t spell disaster, allowing you to continue riding for up to an hour after a puncture occurs. Say goodbye to auto-DNFs and hike-a-bikes – the Air-Liner MTB keeps your ambitions intact even when your tire deflates.

More than just a temporary fix, the Vittoria Air-Liner MTB is also a proactive measure against punctures by preventing rim strikes. Its high-density structure acts like a shock absorber, smoothing out trail chatter, root lattices, and the impacts of rock gardens. With the Air-Liner MTB’s cross-section design, your tire’s contact surface remains fluid and flexible, while providing enhanced lateral stability by reinforcing the sidewalls.

Don’t let punctures hold you back – equip your mountain bike with the Air-Liner MTB from Vittoria and enjoy uninterrupted rides with confidence and peace of mind.

Suggested Tire Size: 1.9″-2.25″, Internal Rim Width: 30mm, Up To: 90g
Suggested Tire Size: 2.3″-2.5″, Internal Rim Width: 35mm, Up To: 165g
Suggested Tire Size: 2.6″-2.7″, Internal Rim Width: 43mm, Up To: 200g
Suggested Tire Size: 2.8″-4.0″, Internal Rim Width: 50mm, Up To: 234g
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Brand: Vittoria