NOBL Hookless and Clincher Rims - HR and CR

CR Onyx Hook Flange Custom Berd Wheelset

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Our 700c CR35/45 rims are designed to handle everything from fast & light bikepacking to chasing breakaways at your local road race. Optimized for wider road and gravel tires, our new HR/CR series has you covered, regardless of what surface you’re riding on. Features a Lifetime Warranty.

Onyx’s new Hook Flange Vespers have been designed specifically for use with Berd spokes. Previously, wheels using Berd spokes required careful hub preparation ahead of the building process, but the new Hook Flange hubs utilize existing loops on the spokes for an efficient and straightforward implementation. Because Berd spokes are so light, Onyx sought to decrease weight on the Vesper hubshell to match. With the smaller and lighter spoke flange dimensions on centerlock Vespers, it made sense to create Hook Flange versions in centerlock standard only.

Berd spokes are tough, reliable and feature a compliant ride-quality which plays really well with modern gravel and short travel bikes. Perhaps most importantly, the weight savings are considerable. The spokes are made out of an ultra lightweight fabric, so there’s a whole lot of grams to be saved by making the swap over from steel.

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    Stealth (stock) A glossy black waterslide graphic at the valve (non-removable).

    Valve Graphic Only Choose to add a valve crown, to the stock black waterslide valve graphic. Crown decals are weather proof and designed to be removable should you change your mind down the road. 

    Full Letter Graphics + Valve Graphic Choose to add Full Letter Graphics across from the valve (by default this space is blank), as well as a graphic at the valve. Decals are weather proof and designed to be removable should you change your mind down the road. 

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    White Berd spokes can be dyed with alcohol ink to create different colors. If you ever do not want colored spokes anymore, you can paint them black. You cannot turn black spokes into a different color.

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    Berd Retensioning Kit

    After a few months of use your Berd wheelset will need to be retensioned.
    Do you need a Berd tools kit?

    • Yes
    • No - I already have a kit, or know of someone who has these specialty tools and can retension the wheels.

    Refer to our Berd FAQ to learn more.

    • Contains Tools To Replace & Service Berd Spokes

      • (1) Spoke Holding Tool
      • (1) Pulling Tool
      • (1) Insert Pushing Tool
      • (1) External Nipple Wrench
      • (1) Awl Tool
      • (2) Wire Loops
      • (8) Spoke Rods, 4 of each black/white

      Keep your tools organized with the convenient Berd service kit case. Inside, you'll find elastic pouches for the kit's 5 tools, a mesh pouch for small accessories like wire loops and rods, and 4 labelled slots to neatly store replacement spokes, designated for Front Left, Front Right, Rear Left, and Rear Right.

      The Berd Service Kit includes one spoke of each length pre-loaded in labelled slots when purchased along with a full price NOBL Wheelset.


    *Select Nipple Color

    We use Sapim Secure Lock 7075 Alloy nipples. They are durable and corrosion resistant while saving quite a bit of rotating weight. Secure Lock ensures the wheel maintains tension without loosening or unwinding.

    • Weight of Alloy Nipples per wheel: 30g
    Select Valve Cap Color
    Your wheels come stock with a black alloy NOBL branded valve with black plastic cap. You can now upgrade to a coloured or black anodized alloy bullet-style valve cap for a relatively small fee.
    *Our kit is NOT compatible with most tire inserts.

    Add Vittoria To Your Wheelset

    Get your wheels one step closer to being trail ready, by ordering your tires directly from us! We'll pack them with your wheelset. Vittoria offers top-quality products at an extraordinary value. We hand picked tire options and products from their lineup that best complement our rims.

    What bike are these wheels for? (make/model year)

    Please let us know what bike you’ll be mounting your NOBL Wheels on.

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    Please let us know if you have any questions or special requests. We review all orders before they are manufactured and will contact you if we have any questions.

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