Chris King Centerlock Mountain Rear Hub

USD $588.00

Engineered, manufactured and assembled in Portland, Oregon USA – Chris King makes arguably the highest end hubs in the world. From their legendary bearings with Lifetime Warranty, patented RingDrive™ system, and a refined collection of colours, these are the most premium hubs available.

Centerlock Lockrings are sold separately (PHB355) and is required for rotor installation.

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Chris King Detailed Overview

Legendary quality, unparalleled performance, and backed by a Lifetime Warranty, Chris King hubs are hard to beat.

Competitors use a more simple axle system with end caps, whereas Chris King uses one-piece solid axles without end caps which provides the stiffest interface with your frame. Delivering every possible watt from the drivetrain to dirt, you’ll no longer be an outsider wondering what all the fuss was about. Heavy duty bearing seals and precision manufactured parts will do their part to keep the mud and water from getting inside the hub shell and bearings, so they will keep running smooth for longer than competitors hubs.

Chris King’s unique RingDrive system in their rear hubs utilizes heat-treated stainless-steel drive and driven rings which handle massive torque loads (over 800 ft/lbs). Road hubs have 45 points of engagement, low drag, and a very solid feeling when you stomp on the pedals. The engagement mechanism lives inside the hub shell which allows it to have more contact area than would be possible with a traditional freehub design which lives outside of the hub shell.

Bearings are one of those items that are often overlooked when purchasing hubs. An inexpensive bearing works well on day one, so it can be an area where hub makers cut costs. With the harsh conditions encountered during cycling, bearings can get contaminated, wear out, and even if you can perform maintenance they never feel like new again. Chris King does things differently! They are the only hub manufacturer we know of that makes their own bearings in-house. Most bearings are generic and function with many different designs, whereas Chris King bearings are purpose built for best performance and longevity in their hubs exclusively. These hand assembled bearings are angular-contact, meaning they allow you to adjust the bearing preload with a simple collar. You don’t want to have your bearings too tight or too loose, so having the ability to adjust this over the life of your hubs is crucial. They are easily user-serviceable without special tools. Simply remove the snap ring and seal, clean, and re-grease and they will roll like new again!

Specifications and Wheel Building Information:

  • Discipline: Enduro, Trail, E-bike, All Mountain, Cross Country
  • Points of Engagement: 72 Tooth RingDrive
  • Hub Shell Material: Aluminum (2024)
  • Bearings: Steel (standard), Ceramic (useful for pro XC racers)
  • Hub Flange: Beveled, to reduce stress
  • Min./Max. Spoke Tension: 110-130 kg/f
  • Axle Width: 110mm front, 148mm or 157mm rear
  • Flange Diameter: 57.4mm (Same for all King CL/6-Bolt hubs on drive and non drive sides)
  • Center to Flange Non Drive Side 110mm centerlock hub: 27.5mm
  • Center to Flange Drive Side 110mm centerlock hub: 35.5mm
  • Center to Flange Non Drive Side 148mm 6-bolt or centerlock hub: 36.3mm
  • Center to Flange Drive Side 148mm 6-bolt or centerlock hub: 24mm
  • Center to Flange Non Drive Side 157mm centerlock hub: 39.6mm
  • Center to Flange Drive Side 157mm centerlock hub: 28.5mm
  • Spoke Hole Diameter: 2.6mm (All King Hubs)