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Spokes sold separately. When replacing multiple spokes, you’ll require rods for every spoke you are replacing. For tangential straight-pull hubs you’ll also require inserts per each replacement spoke. A spare wire loop is also recommended.

Tool Descriptions
Awl: Used to open spoke loops, so that the wire does not fray the spoke. Individual spokes can be replaced without an Awl, but you will want one if you’re building an entire wheel or replacing many spokes at once.

Pulling Tool: Required for all Berd wheel builds or when replacing spokes. Used in conjunction with the Wire Loop to pull the spokes through hubs.

Insert Pushing Tool: Required to install Inserts on tangential straight pull hubs. This tool is not required for other hub types (J-bend or radial straight pull hubs).

External Nipple Wrench: Used for external truing or replacing spokes (no need to remove the tire). Compatible with external nipples only. If you’re using this tool to replace a Berd spoke, be sure that you use the Berd Spoke Holding Tool.

Spoke Holding Tool: Only compatible with Berd spokes, the Spoke Holding Tool is used to prevent the spoke from twisting while building.

Wire Loop: Used for pulling spokes through hub holes on every Berd wheelset. While only one Wire Loop is generally required, they can break under heavy use so we recommend having a spare or two.

Tangential Straight Pull Insert (Inserts): Prevent spoke fraying on tangential straight pull hubs. One piece is required per spoke.

Spoke Rod Available in black or white and are used to stop Berd spokes from pulling through hub holes. One piece is required for every Berd spoke regardless of the hub type.

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