Spoke Calculator

What length spoke do you need?

To find the right spoke length for your wheel-build we recommend using spoke calculators available online. Most of our rims are asymmetric, so be sure to round the drive rear and disc front side up 1mm. Please send us an email with your build info, or fill in the form at the bottom of this page, to double-check your spoke length with us if you are unfamiliar with the process.

Here Are A Few Calculators That We Recommend

If you are using DT Swiss hubs use the DT Swiss spoke calculator.

Use the Onyx calculator by finding your hubs then hit the spoke calculator button lower down on the product page. Keep in mind they list the drive spokes on the left side and non-drive on the right side. That’s backwards compared to other calculators.

For other hubs, use the Pro Wheel Builder Spoke Calculator. You can input a random hub and modify the dimensions to use this calculator if needed. We’ve compiled our popular hub dimensions here.

A Few Tips to Using Pro Wheel Builder

  1. Leave the “rim manufacturer” and “rim model” fields blank.
  2. Be sure to double-check the hub measurements as some are off.
  3. We have found it safest to always round up to the next longest size. The asymmetric profile does make the drive rear/disc front spokes ~1mm longer than usual, and the disc rear/drive front ~1mm shorter than usual, but it’s not a drastic difference.
  4. If you’re not sure if your calculation is right, please check with us and we can send you a link of confirmed spoke sizes for a variety of hubs.


What are the ERD’s of our rims?

*HR/CR asymmetric offset (0mm), all other rims (2mm). These rims are no longer available on our website, TR45 ERD is 536, CX28 ERD is 592, TR28 ERD is 592.



What rim model are you using?

TR32 – 29" ERD: 597.5

TR33 – 27.5" ERD: 552, 29" ERD 590

TR35 – 29" ERD: 597

TR36 – 27.5" ERD: 552, 29" ERD: 589

TR37 – 27.5" ERD: 559, 29" ERD: 597

TR38 – 27.5" ERD: 550, 29" ERD: 588

TR41 – 27.5" ERD: 550, 29" ERD: 587

HR35/CR35 – 700c ERD: 570

HR45/CR45 – 700c ERD: 550

Get Some Expert Help

Still unsure what length of spoke you need?

Please fill out the form below and then we will let you know what spokes you should buy. We only build, sell, and calculate sizes for J-bend spokes, not straight pull.

Spoke Length Form

Front Wheel

For brands like Chris King, specify LD or SD. Is it a Large diameter or small diameter shell?

Rear Wheel

For brands like Chris King, specify LD or SD. Is it a Large diameter or small diameter shell?