XC Sucks

Featuring Lief Rodgers 

To celebrate our love of XC and TR32 rims, we decided to round up a few XC hate comments found on the internet and let ambassador Lief Rodgers have his riding do the talking.













Inspiration for the video

It has been getting better over the last few years, but it used to seem like any XC related post on the internet was followed by comments like “XC suuuucks” (hence the title of the video). In our eyes, these comments couldn’t be any further from the truth and if our video hasn’t convinced you, just watch any XC World Cup replay. XC definitely doesn’t suck!

If you’ve already watched the video, you can see Lief Rodgers is a wizard on a bike. He’s also the real deal when it comes to XC racing with top finishes at the national level and a win at the Whistler Back40. If that wasn’t enough, this past summer he took a stab at Enduro racing and came out 3rd in U21 at the Whistler EWS. Just another day in the office for Lief.


Designed to be “the ultimate British Columbia XC rim” the TR32 blurs the line between trail and XC while coming in at an exceptional weight. Features a Lifetime Warranty.

Industry Nine Hydra

The Hydra offers 690 points of engagement, increased durability and bearing life, decreased rolling resistance and low weight. It features a 115 tooth drive-ring and a six phase engagement system, that achieves 2nd, 3rd and 4th pawl contact to distribute the load.

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