What Size Tires Should You Run?

Purchase Tires Directly From NOBL

Few bike components make as much of a difference to ride feel and performance as the tires mounted to your wheels. NOBL is making all of your rubber-related decisions easy by partnering with Maxxis and Vittoria tires!

We now offer tires for a variety of cycling disciplines, from Gravel and XC to Trail and Enduro riding including Maxxis (Rekon, Rekon Race, Forekaster, Aspen, Dissector, Aggressor, DHF, DHRII, Assegai) and Vittoria (Martello, Mazza, Mezcal, Barzo, Terreno) models. We’ve made ordering the right tires a breeze by adding the best match to your rims directly in our online product builders.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Tire Width

With a multitude of tire options on the market ranging in tread pattern, compound, intended use and width, mountain bikers have never had it better. Or more confusing for that matter…

If you’re looking for the ideal width and size mountain bike tire to use on your wheels, read on below for the goods!

Maxxis Tires Offered

Aspen F120 DC EXO/TR 760g 29X2.40WT
Rekon Race F120 EXO/TR 818g 29X2.40WT
Rekon F60 DC EXO/TR 891g 29X2.40WT
Forekaster F60 DC EXO/TR 945g 29X2.40WT

Dissector F60 3CT/EXO/TR 889g 27.5 X 2.40WT
Dissector F60 3CT/EXO+/TR 1022g 29 X 2.40WT
Dissector F120 3CG/DD/TR 1154g 29 X 2.40WT
Dissector F60 3CT/EXO/TR 956g 29 X 2.40WT
Dissector F60 3CT/EXO+/TR 951g 27.5X2.40WT
Dissector F120 3CG/DD/TR 1083g 27.5X2.40WT

Aggressor F120 DC DD/TR 1244g 27.5X2.50WT
Aggressor F120 DC DD/TR 1325g 29X2.50WT

DHF F60 3CT EXO TR 1099g 29X2.50
DHF F60 3CT/EXO+/TR 1163g 29X2.50WT
DHF F120x2 3CT/DD/TR 1326g 29X2.50WT
DHF F120 3CG/DD/TR 1325g 29X2.50WT
DHF F60 3CT/EXO/TR 1024g 27.5X2.50WT
DHF F60 3CT/EXO+/TR 1086g 27.5X2.50WT
DHF F120 3CG/DD/TR 1244g 27.5X2.50WT

DHRII F60 3CT/EXO/TR 1035g 29X2.40WT
DHRII F60 3CT/EXO+/TR 1101g 29X2.40WT
DHRII F60 3CT/EXO+/TR 1174g 29X2.60
DHR II F120x2 3CT/DD/TR 1236g 29X2.40WT
DHR II F60 3CT/EXO/TR 878g 27.5X2.30
DHRII F60 3CT/EXO+/TR 1025g 27.5X2.40WT
DHRII F60 3CT/EXO+/TR 1095g 27.5X2.60
DHRII F60 3CT/EXO+/TR 1196g 27.5X2.80
DHRII F120 3CG/DD/TR 1195g 27.5X2.40WT

Assegai F60 3CT/EXO/TR 1082g 29X2.50WT
Assegai F60 3CT/EXO+/TR 1146g 29X2.50WT
Assegai F120X2 3CG/TR/DD 1395g 29X2.50WT
Assegai F60 3CT/EXO+/TR 1070g 27.5X2.50WT

Vittoria Tires Offered

Vittoria Tires TNT Terreno Dry Anthracite 490g 700c x 38mm

Vittoria Tires TNT Terreno Wet Anthracite 500g 700c x 38mm

Vittoria Tires TNT Martello Anthracite 920g 27.5 x 2.35 

Vittoria Tires 2-PLY Mazza Black 1200g 27.5 x 2.4″

Vittoria Tires 2-PLY Mazza Black 1300g 27.5 x 2.6″

Vittoria Tires TNT Mezcal Anthracite 735g 29 x 2.35″

Vittoria Tires TNT Barzo Anthracite 745g 29 x 2.35″

Vittoria Tires TNT Syerra Black 745g 29 x 2.35″

Vittoria Tires TNT Martello Anthracite 960g 29 x 2.35″

Vittoria Tires 2-Ply Martello Black 1230g 29 x 2.35″

Vittoria Tires TNT Mazza Anthracite 950g 29 x 2.4″

Vittoria Tires TNT Mazza Anthracite 1100g 29 x 2.6″

Vittoria Tires 2-PLY Mazza Black 1300g 29 x 2.4″

Vittoria Air Liner size options:

We’re also offering air liners, a fantastic way to increase sidewall support and traction, all while offering some light protection against pinch flats and the occasional rim strike.

Vittoria Air Liner Air Liner 45mm 2.25″-2.5″

Vittoria Air Liner Air Liner 50mm 2.5″-2.7″

Vittoria Air Liner Air Liner 55mm 2.7″-4.0″ – Coming Soon

Why Tire Widths Matter

In recent years, the push toward wider mountain bike rims has been felt in road and cx markets as well, especially with the newfound popularity of gravel and adventure riding. The increase in rim width has largely been a response from rim manufacturers to accommodate rider demands. While a 2.2” tire used to be the norm for most trail bikes 10 years ago, current trends are seeing 2.6” tires become fairly typical on many trail bikes. This increase in tire width meant that older style rims were suddenly too narrow to support these new wide tires.

Are wider mountain bike tires better? It’s a tough question to answer and really depends on a variety of factors, including rider preference and intended use.

A tire must be sufficiently supported by the width of the rim. If a rim is too narrow, your tire may fold and handling can become unpredictable. If it is too wide for the tire, your rubber will ‘square off’ the tire and result in poor cornering performance.

It’s all about Support.

In order to perform at its absolute best, a tire must be adequately supported. The rim acts as the foundation of the tire profile. The width and rim channel properties dictate how a tire moves on the rim under hard braking, cornering and acceleration loads.

Running a tire that is too wide for a rim, will result in unpredictable handling characteristics. The tire will be squirmy and will ‘fold’ under hard cornering. Conversely, running a rim that is too wide for the tire, will result in a tire profile that is squared off and will not corner well.

Suggested Tire Widths



Recommended Width: 2.35”

Tire Range: 2.2” – 2.4”

Lighter trail tires and XC race tires are a great match for the TR32.


Recommended Width: 2.35” – 2.6”

Tire Range: 2.35” – 2.6”

TR35 is built for downcountry with a lean towards narrower tire sizes.


Recommended Width: 2.35” – 2.6”

Tire Range: 2.3” – 2.6”

TR37 supports a range of tire sizes in a variety of disciplines.


Recommended Width: 2.4” – 2.6”

Tire Range: 2.4” – 2.8”

TR41 leans towards larger tire sizes because of its burly width.



Recommended Width: 2.35” – 2.4”

Tire Range: 2.2” – 2.6”

An amazing match for light XC treads on race day, and wider tires when it gets rough.


Recommended Width: 2.35” – 2.6”

Tire Range: 2.3” – 2.8”

Perfect for all mountain biking or enduro rigs.


Recommended Width: 2.4” – 2.6”

Tire Range: 2.3” – 2.8”

The TR38 is best suited for burly tires for gravity riding.



Recommended Width: 33c – 40c

Tire Range: 30c – 47c

Ideal for those who prioritize traction on loose or chunky terrain and don’t intend to run over 60psi.


Recommended Width: 28c – 38c

Tire Range: 28c – 45c

Intended for narrower tires, the bead hook supports high pressures up to 80psi for pavement or hardpacked dirt.