Racing the Whistler EWS

2015 was a big year for us as the company expanded rapidly and we found our products underneath riders on World Cup and EWS races. One of the most grueling races on the calendar, the Whistler stop became known as “Crankzilla”. Nearly an hour of timed segments, 55km length (34miles), and 4000m (13,000 feet) of elevation gain/loss awaited our racers. It was a great opportunity to capture the spirit of racing from the rider’s perspective.

EWS Throwback. Circa 2015.

Shot by Max Berkowitz and Scott Secco, this is one of our favorite films of all time! These guys are absolute legends and got the film out within a day! This raw unfiltered video takes a look at a day inside the Enduro World Series. The subtle moments of build-up and anticipation, along with the preparation and of course the experience. The thrills, bumps and scrapes are all captured here.

We were a tiny company in 2015, trying to do big things. Although we’ve grown considerably since then, we still maintain the humble, nimble, and family-oriented business.