Product Feature: TR32

Built to handle the rigors of demanding XC courses here in British Columbia, the TR32 is incredibly strong, while blending front and rear specific designs to create a lightweight, balanced handling wheelset.

Just as fast uphill, and downhill

The TR32 is our interpretation of what the modern cross country rim should be. With XC bikes becoming burlier and more versatile, they require wheels that can meet those demands. The TR32 is aimed at riders who prioritize a lightweight, ‘snappy’ feeling wheelset that can still get rowdy when needed. The front and rear specific designs balance the handling characteristics. A lighter weight vertically compliant front keeps your bike tracking in a controlled manner, while the reinforced rear offers increased impact resistance and stiffness.

This rim is intended for…

  • Short travel XC and Trail bikes
  • 2.1″ – 2.5″ tires
  • Weight conscious bike builds
  • Fitness focused riders seeking maximum efficiency.

This rim is NOT intended for…

  • Long travel trail bikes or DH bikes.
  • Bike park use
  • Enduro racing