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Industry Nine launches SOLiX mountain hubs

Never one to leave their avid mountain riders hanging, Industry Nine rounds out the new SOLiX hub family with the release of SOLiX mountain hubs!

SOLiX mountain hubs cater to XC and trail riders who prioritize light and fast wheels that are ideal for racing or long days in the saddle. The refined internals of the initial road and gravel models carry over, with hubs driven by a continuously-phased five-pawl freehub integrated with a 121-tooth drive ring. This combo offers up 605 points of contact and ultra-fine .59° engagement. The pawls and drive rings are crafted from high-grade steel and engineered for maximum durability.

They also feature the same improvements to pawl rotation, bearing load, contact seals, spring pressure, and drag reduction, all outlined in detail in our SOLiX road and gravel blog post.

Svelte but strong

SOLiX mountain hubs are a distinct aesthetic departure from the current Hydra and 1/1 mountain hubs in the brand’s lineup.

The scalloped hub flanges and curved body, cut to save weight but not sacrifice strength at the spoke holes, give the SOLiX hubs a distinctive flair and gram-saving total weight of 347g. This is a savings of ~63g over a set of Hydra mountain hubs in the same configuration!

Lightweight standards

Catering to a more specific mountain rider than their other hubs, i9’s SOLiX mountain hubs come in specs suitable for weight-conscious set-ups.

The hubs are centerlock and boost spacing only, and we will carry exclusively 28h sets. They arrive in all the anodized colours you know and love in the i9 line-up: black, silver, gold, orange, red, pink, green, lime green, turquoise, blue and purple.