DT swiss 240 Ratchet DEG hubs: higher engagement, renowned reliability

DT Swiss’ 240 Ratchet DEG hubs have arrived and feature all new aesthetics – including a Limited Edition colour- and an engagement method developed specifically with mountain riders in mind.

ratchet deg system

The new DEG ratchet system elevates DT Swiss hubs into the high-engagement category, while keeping the weight savings, reliability and tool-free service of the DT240 EXP model.

The new rear hub model has a sleek, anodized exterior and a more robust construction than the brand’s previous models, but with an updated, patent-pending ratchet system that delivers quick, responsive acceleration.

So what’s the big deal? Two size-optimized steel ratchets with 90 teeth produce an engagement angle of 4º: the  smallest and fastest of any DT Swiss model ever made. 

Made for the trail

The DEG system was designed specifically for the needs of technical trail riding. The simultaneous full engagement of the ratchets provides a large and stable contact service to deliver balanced load distribution and confident acceleration over any terrain.

DEG hubs are also configured for the most universal mountain standards: they are offered in both 28h and 32h, boost and superboost, but exclusively in a 6-bolt brake-style and J-bend flanges.

The DEG hubs are rear only, and paired with the current model DT240 front hubs for full sets. They keep the classic DT240 branding with a glossy black shell and bold red graphics.

Limited-Edition colourway

To celebrate this launch, we’ve secured five, exclusive sets of limited-edition, anodized red DEG hubs. These hubs are boost only (both front and rear) and can be paired with any of our 32h NOBL rims.

Reach out to our team at ride@noblwheels.com to secure your pair of as part of a custom NOBL wheelset : they are 5 of only 240 covetable pairs released by DT Swiss and will turn heads!