Introducing the DT Swiss 180

At well under 300 grams per hubset, DT Swiss 180 hubs are the lightest most reliable performance focused hubs on the market.


A Look at the New Ratchet EXP System

A Simpler Lighter System

With one ratchet fused to the threaded ring, the new system no longer needs two springs to push the two ratchets together. This means less parts, and less weight!

Stiffer Bearing Stance

Since the bearing is integrated in the threaded ring, it means a stiffer bearing stance due to the increase in distance between the drive shell bearings.

Superior Reliability

The ratchets fully engage to create a large contact surface and small point loads, resulting in superior reliability.


Simple Endcap Removal

The EXP end caps are notched to allow for a secure fit when installed. Changing the end caps is a toolfree and simple procedure. Freehubs are easily swappable and are available for SRAM, and Shimano.

Straight-pull and Centerlock

The DT 180s are only available in a straight-pull and centerlock configuration.

Now in BOOST

The new 180’s remain super lightweight, even in their new boost spacing option!

Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic bearings come standard with the DT180s, meaning you get absolute lowest rolling resistance and incredible durability mile after mile.

DT Swiss’ Storied Past

DT Swiss is arguably the most well known hub manufacturer in the bicycle industry. Their meticulous attention to detail and quality has resulted in them becoming a staple on performance focused bicycles. The Swiss company manufactures in Switzerland and Taiwan, with constant quality control checks on their products and equipment. Their stringent approach to manufacturing processes is a large reason for their reputation of producing the most reliable hubs on the market.

Need to Know

Hub Options
We have a variety of DT180 hub options available through our shop for builds to our rims.

Mountain Bike

Front: 15/110mm BOOST
Rear: 12/148mm BOOST
Hole Count: 28H/28H


Front: 12/100mm
Rear: 12/142mm
Hole Count: 24/24H, 24/28H

*All of the DT180 hubs that we have in stock are straight pull, centerlock.

Hub Sound

Hub Weights

DT Swiss 142/100 Pair (Road)

DT Swiss 142/100 Road Non-Disc

DT Swiss 148/110 MTB Microspline

DT Swiss 148/110 MTB XD

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