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What We Ride – Jack’s Focus Jam

What We Ride – Jack’s Focus Jam

Jack is our resident QC master. He ensures that each wheelset that rolls out the door is up to the NOBL standard of quality. On the trail, Jack’s ride style is almost acrobatic as he finds every opportunity to get his wheels off the ground.

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Chris’s Specialized Levo is ready for long days out trail building. Wheels: TR36 *We suggest TR38 or TR41 & Onyx Classic hubs for e-bikes. Bike Check

Aaron’s short travel, modern geometry Transition Smuggler offers next level descending skills. Wheels: TR33 Bike Check

Bob’s Stumpjumper is both an all-day epic trail bike and a hard-charging enduro race machine. Wheels: TR36 Bike Check

Michael modified his Epic Expert, changing everything but the frame and rear shock. Wheels: TR33 Bike Check

Paul’s Santa Cruz Nomad has superior reliability when conquering gnarly trails and stunts. Wheels: TR38 Bike Check

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