The Onyx Vesper

More than two years in the making.

The long anticipated Onyx Vesper has landed. The signature Onyx Racing Products sprag clutch hub is now available in a lighter and more easily adaptable format. The Vesper inherits the performance focused DNA of its predecessor without compromise. Significant revisions and tweaks on both the front and rear hubs result in a weight saving of around 156g depending on the configuration.

Let’s take a closer look

Completely revamped and better than ever.

Versatile and adaptable

Switching to pressfit endcaps means that switching between standards and freehubs has never been easier. The endcaps simply pop on and off without tools. Freehub conversions no longer require a specific axle and end cap, but utilize the same end caps. Also 6bolt and Centerlock hubs use the same endcaps! 

Ceramic or Steel Bearings

The Vesper comes stock with durable stainless steel bearings. An upgrade to Verinent hybrid ceramic bearings for the hubshell is available for $60 on the  front, $100 on the rear. Dual lipped seals on the exterior facing sides of the bearings keep everything sealed and protected from the elements. Service ability remains simple and accessible.

Instant Engagement

The Vesper still maintains the instant engagement and silent, drag free coasting of its predecessor. The revamped sprag configuration is lighter and utilizes less material without sacrificing performance.  Those on E-Bikes and Downhill bikes are best served by the original Onyx hub which will still be available for purchase.


Lighter than the first generation Onyx hub

A complete redesign of the freehub and drive mechanism account for most of the weight savings.  A smaller set of grouped sprags interface with a narrower steel contact patch on the drive axle. The reduction in the amount of stainless steel, resulted in significant weight savings.  The freehub itself no longer rests on a steel axle, but utilizes a keyed interface. Once again, less steel means more weight savings.

How much weight was saved?

Front Boost 32h 6-Bolt

Onyx Generation  1 : 226g

Vesper: 177g

Front Boost 32h Centerlock

Generation 1: 225g

Vesper: 155g

Rear Boost 32 6-Bolt

Generation 1 – 474g

Vesper: 409g

Rear Boost Centerlock

Generation 1: 449g

Vesper: 372g

When is the Vesper Available?

The first run of the Vesper will be available in May 2019. Initial offerings will be limited to the following configuration.
Front: 110×15 32h 6bolt  Rear: 148×12 32h 6bolt

Colour offerings will be limited to the following 5 until June when the full custom program will be opened to the vesper.
Ano Red, Ano Blue, Ano Black, Ano Silver, Matte Black, and Black Chrome

The anticipated release for other spacing and configurations is June 2019. They will be rolled out as they become available.

The following spacing configurations will be available.

Rear Axle Standards:

130 QR, 135 QR, 130 8mm Bolt-on,135x10mm,135x10mm Bolt-on,135x12mm,142x12mm, 142 QR, 148x12mm Boost, 150x12mm, 157x12mm Super Boost

Front Axle Standards:

100 QR, 100x10mm Bolt-on, 100x12mm Thru, 100x15mm Thru, 100x15mm Torque Cap, 110x15mm Thru Boost, 110x20mm Thru, 110x15mm Torque Cap, 110x15mm Rock Shox RS-1