TR37 with LimeI9 Hydra Hubs

HR35 Blue I9 Torch – Weekly Wheelset Feature

USD $1,250.00

Our weekly wheelset feature is Hr35 rims laced to blue I9 Torch Hubs.  This build features D-Light spokes, free graphics, and your choice of nipples. This offer ends September 10th at midnight all orders will ship within 3 business days!

Questions? Just reach out to the customer service team. Check back every week to see new deals

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    Spokes and Nipples

    Select Valve Cap Color
    Your wheels come stock with a black alloy NOBL branded valve with black plastic cap. You can now upgrade to a coloured or black anodized alloy bullet-style valve cap for a relatively small fee.
    *Our kit is NOT compatible with most tire inserts.

    Rim Graphic Options

    Our rims come stock with durable glossy black water slide decals. However if you'd like to customize your rims to match your bike, we offer customization on the letters, crowns or inset crown. Choose from our stock colours or go full custom and  we'll do our best to match your desired colour scheme. 

    Customize Graphics? *

    Select Full Letter Graphics *

    Select Crown Colour *

    Select Inset Crown *

    Additional Notes

    Are you wishing for a different hub or nipple color as part of this deal? We have a few limited options but let us know below, and we'll see if we can make it happen!