Quick Build

We’ve selected some of our most popular in-stock components to let you hit the trails faster. These Quick Build wheelsets are typically completed and ship within 6-10 business days, anything beyond that and we’ll contact you to discuss.


Road / Gravel

CR35 + DT240 EXP

Our CR35 rims laced to DT240 EXP hubs with Berd spokes.

CAD $2,653.18

XC / Trail

TR32 + I9 Hydra

Our lightweight TR32 rims pair up nicely with I9 Hydra hubs.

CAD $1,875.00

AM / Enduro

TR37 + Onyx Vesper

TR37’s paired to Onyx Vesper’s offer silent instant engagement.

CAD $2,000.00

AM / Enduro

TR37 + DT240

A versatile all mountain TR37 build on lightweight DT240 EXP hubs.

CAD $2,000.00


AM / Trail

TR36 + Onyx Vesper

TR36’s laced to Vesper’s are silent and engage instantly.

CAD $1,875.00

AM / Trail

TR36 + DT240 EXP

This TR36 DT240 EXP combo offers reliable and efficient performance.

CAD $1,875.00

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