How we’re doing

We’ve got over 1,000 hubs and 1,000 rims in stock and available to sell. We might not have 100% exactly what you’re looking for but we’ll probably have something close! We’ve done a lot of hiring over the past few years and have enough staff on hand to respond to inquiries within one business day worst case. Typically we respond to e-mails within a few hours, are on live chats throughout the day and are available for phone calls during our 8-4 PST business hours.


Have A Question? Ask us in detail

If you can’t find answers on our website email all inquiries to with as much detail as possible. If you know what wheel specs you need such as axle spacing, brake style, color options you love/hate, budget, wheel diameter, and so on, please include them in your inquiry. That will help us get you the answers you need more efficiently and allow us to get back to as many people as possible in a reasonable timeframe.

Rim Stock Levels

We’ve got every rim type in stock but are running low on TR41’s. You shouldn’t have to wait more than 3 weeks for rims that happen to be out of stock as we’re steadily making more.

Rims can ship out in 1-2 business days. Wheel build time is 1-2 weeks if we have the parts in stock. Contact us if you need something faster than that.

Current Hub Stock

As of December 9th, 2021

DT Swiss

Good stock on DT350 and 240 road and mountain hubs, but we are pretty low on boost 28h mountain hubs. DT 180 road and mountain hubs are out of stock, more due in January, please reach out to reserve a set and to double check the specific model you’d like. 

36t and 54t ratchet upgrades for the DT350 hubs are in stock. The 54t EXP ratchet upgrades for the 180/240 hubs are out of stock, but the good news is we have a shipment containing those released from customs and it should arrive before the end of December.

Onyx Hubs

We have quite a few Classic and Vesper hubsets in stock with weekly shipments coming in. If we don’t have the hubs you want on an existing order with Onyx, the estimated lead time with them is 7 weeks. We generally stock ~100 Onyx hubs in many different formats so we might have something close to what you’d like, or already on order, please reach out if you’ve got a time sensitive order.

Industry Nine

We’ve got about 200 matching pairs of various colours of Hydra 6-bolt and Centerlock hubsets in stock. About 100 1/1 mountain hubs, decent stock on most options. 1/1 Road hubs are good in 24h but out of stock in 28h rears (more due sometime in January). There are only ~20 pairs of Torch road hubs available, so it’s best to list a backup colour when placing an order. Even without a special note, we’ll reach out to suggest alternate options should we happen to be out of stock when you order.

Chris King

Good availability of King mountain hubs in various colours, 28 and 32h, ~100 in total. We have a large batch of super boost hubs due in late January. Decent amount of black road hubs and small amount of other colours.

Project 321

Really low on Project 321 hubs. We have 28h and 32h black boost hubs arriving in February (possible Jan). These reliable hubs are fairly new to our lineup, you can learn more about them here.

Hope Hubs

By request only.

Approximate Number Of In Stock Hubs

DT Swiss 186
Industry Nine 210
Onyx 50
Chris King 20
Hope 0


Need An Inventory Check?


Need an inventory check?

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